RV8 results at auction

One of our Pricewatch spotters has been following up the results of two auctions where RV8s were listed for sale. Some interesting outcomes. Alongside is our original listing on the Pricewatch webpage and below what has been noted from the auctions. Did any fellow members attend the auction or have any further news?

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Posted: 170718

Guide £16,000 to £18,000 - rare UK spec RV8 in White Gold
Listing says "the current owner of three years has used the MG sparingly, only adding a few hundred miles to the odometer. The accompanying history file is extensive with numerous receipts, past MOTs and an original sales brochure. V5C and, MOT to June 2018." No information on mileage, maintenance history or age of the tyres. Not registered with the V8 Register. Spotted by Andy Goves. 170710. See an earlier update on the adverts offering this car for sale. Update 170628

Comments on the auction outcome
Andy Goves reports "I phoned my contacts at Charterhouse this morning and this home market RV8 did not sell last weekend at the prestigious two day event at Sherborne Castle in Dorset.
The estimate was £16-18,000 and I'm surprised it didn't sell, given the premium that home market cars attract over Japanese reimports and the rareness of an RV8 in White Gold."

Guide £16,000 to £20,000 - reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green
Advert says "reimported from Japan in 2002, 35,700 miles, MOT to July 2018, purchased by the present owner in 2016. Back problems have forced a sale. Excellent condition. Soft top like new with a tonneau cover and documented service history". Auction 18th July 2017. Poor description of the car with no maintenance history or age of the tyres simply trader speak of the model. Spotted by Andy Goves. Registered with the V8 Register. 170707

Comments on the auction outcome
Andy Goves reports "the bidding for this RV8 commenced with an asking price of £12,000 but no takers. It was reduced to £10,000 which then led to rapid bids escalating in £500 increments until it plateaued at £14,500.
This is below the guide price by quite a margin and I don't think it has sold. I'm tracking the Barons' website for confirmation".

Update 20th July 2017. Andy Goves reports "it looks like a sale was agreed post-auction at £18,150 - a more respectable price than the auction bidding at the time! I regularly receive emails of unsold lots (but not on this occasion) inviting me to purchase cars which did not initially sell at auction. The price of 18,150 includes a 10% commission but excludes 20% VAT on that commission if it was a UK buyer. So the final price will be Hammer price @ £16,500 plus Commission @ 10% of£ 1,650 producing a total price shown of£18,150.
But if VAT is applicable to the sale then a further330 (20% of £1,650) would be added making a total purchase price for a UK buyer of £18,480. I think at the auction the bidder at £14,500 was hoping to get the RV8 at a low price but subsequent discussions between the vendor and the auction house may have brokered a better deal - either the bidder upped their bid or someone else bought the car! See Barons website. More