MGBGTV8 reappears again and again

This MGBGTV8, which appeared at the ACA auction on 4th November 2017 was listed as part of a collection of classic cars, was sold. It has since appeared for sale on four occasions.

Posted: 171212

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Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Black
Sold at auction with no reserve

One of the items shown on the ACA auction listing was a chrome bumper MGBGTV8, clearly in need of a major restoration. Originally finished in Citron and registered with the V8 Database in the 1990s by a member in Lancashire as Black 1201. It does appear to have the dreaded sill covers.

Auction update: the car was sold at the ACA auction on 4th November 2017 with the price paid by the purchaser reported as £5,775 including premium. 171104

Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Black
Now advertised on ebay at £8,995 that's a 39% hike or £2,545

Listing says "for a full body/mechanical restoration, comes with bill of sale from previous keeper plus 14 old MOTs between 1982 and 1996. Will require front/rear valances, driver's door, both front wings, inner and outer sills are weak and also needs rear arches. Chassis, spings, hangers and floors are pretty solid. Carbs, manifold and an air filter are there, driver's seat is missing. This is not weekend work but a lot of the panels are bolt on and easily available or secondhand. Please come and view before you enter an offer for an old car requiring a lot of work".More

When the eBay bidding ended on 21st November 2017 the winning bid is shown with a "winning bid of £6,289". More 171121

Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Black
Now advertised again

Listing posted on 12th December 2017 is by the trader in Essex. Same description as before. 171212

What is going on here?
So this MGBGTV8's recent history seems to be:
4th November 2017
ACA auction sale @ £5,775

5th November 2017
Car & Classic advert @ £8,995

12th November 2017
Car & Classic advert @ £8,995

21st November 2017
eBay auction sale @ £6,289

Car & Classic advert @ £6,995
12th December 2017

Below is a screengrab of the previous adverts of this MGBGTV8 made by the trader on the Car & Classic website.