MGBGTV8 in Glacier White appears yet again for sale

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Posted: 170714

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Updated: 171023
Chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Glacier White has reappeared again on 13th July 2017 advertised by a trader known as mutc-uk in East Kilbride on the Car & Classic website, again listed at £21,195. The lengthy text of the advert includes "body restoration around 2002 backed up by receipts, engine upgrades by David Franklin, suspension upgrades, gearbox and back axle rebuilt, leather seats & trim and stainless steel exhaust. Checking dates on receipts and mileage on old MOTs it looks like the car has only done about 20,000 miles since a lot of the work (mentioned in the advert) was carried out in 2002/03. Record of 8 previous owners including the first owner. MOT January 2018" but no mention of any new MOT. Upgraded seats and trim plus useful mechanical upgrades.

The advertiser includes in the advert the terse note: "Please, no silly questions like "What's the least you'll take" or “What’s your asking price” or any other similar questions, if you are interested in the car make me a serious/sensible offer and I'll happily consider it". 170713

Glacier White MGBGTV8 was offered on an eBay auction seen online on 2nd March 2017 mentioning "with 98,274 miles". Bidding ended at £16,400 reserve not met.

Glacier White MGBGTV8 then promptly reappeared advertised for sale on 22nd March 2107 with a 29% uplift at £21,195. The listing on eBay ended on 2nd April 2017.

Glacier White MGBGTV8 has now reappeared again on 13th July 2017 advertised on the Car & Classic website, again listed at £21,195. 170713