Restored MGBGTV8 in Ireland

Keith Belcher, one of our two Pricewatch volunteers, has spotted an MGBGTV8 offered for sale a car described as a "stunning fully restored 1974 MGBGTV8" with mechanical and trim upgrades.
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Has any fellow V8 Register member visited the trader and inspected this car and the supporting documentation?

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A "stunning fully restored 1974 MGBGTV8" has been spotted for sale for £20,000 with a trader in the Republic of Ireland by Keith Belcher with an advert saying "the car was subject to a full body shell restoration where the car was stripped to a shell and brought back to the bare metal. At this time, the front wings were replaced and the car was painted in its correct Damask Red colour. At this time the car also had a major mechanical update which included a top end engine rebuild. The car was fitted with hardened valves to allow the car to run on unleaded fuel. The overdrive system was also overhauled when the engine and box were out of the car. To upgrade the car's performance, tubular manifolds were fitted along with a full stainless steel exhaust. The car also benefits from an upgraded four barrel Edelbrook carburetor, upgraded distributor and electronic ignition. The brake calipers were also overhauled and the front suspension has been fitted with coil overs. The rear suspension has also been fitted with parabolic rear springs to allow the car to handle better and feel more stable at speed. Finally the car was fitted with a brand new Webasto roof along with a new ash frame. This car represents a fantasist opportunity to own a really well sorted MGBV8. As you know these cars are quite rare now and this car has been completed to a very high standard with photographs available of the rebuild".

On examining the photos with the advert the car has some interesting features in addition to the mechanical upgrades mentioned above:
> Leather seating and trim with red piping as an internal upgrade.
> Rear bumper overriders have no rubber inserts and appear to be pre-1969 parts.
> Incorrect MG badge in the centre of the grille - for a Factory MGBGTV8 it's red on red rather than red on black here.
> Non original grille mesh rather than the plastic cross mesh.
> Non-original V8 badging with a V8 badges on the offside wing and on the righthand side of the tailgate.
> Dashboard and radio console switches are odd - for example no HRW or hazard switches in the console.

It's puzzling why a seemingly high quality restoration should overlook these details which would enhance the appeal of the car to many buyers seeking a Condition 1 Factory MGBGTV8.