Citron MGBGTV8 reappears at a reduced price

Our Pricewatch spotter, Keith Belcher, has seen an MGBGTV8 has reappeared for sale priced at 12% lower than seen offered for sale in June 2017. Here we provide details of the original advert and the advert that has just appeared in the last day or two

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Posted: 170811

Citron MGBGTV8 was originally listed for sale on eBay on 12th June 2017 at Woodstock Car Sales at £24,990.
Citron MGBGTV8 was then later reduced to £22,490 on the eBay listing and on the Woodstock Car Sales website.Citron MGBGTV8 advertised for sale on the carandclassic online site at £21,950 and on the Former Glory at Postcombe website.
Listing on the Pricewatch webpage on 13th June 2017.

£24,990 - chrome bumper Factory MGBGTV8 in Citron - trade sale
Advert says "122,000 miles, tax exempt, £10,000 spent in last year, large history file, rebuilt overdrive and new clutch, original black cloth interior, stainless steel exhaust, Dunlop composite wheels and 5 owners". Non standard grille mesh, black MG grille badge rather than an original red one, no tailgate V8 badge all suggest a restoration at some stage. Registered on the V8 Database. A little overpriced. Spotted by Keith Belcher. 170613

See listing

Fitted with a wooden steering wheel.

Our Pricewatch team note the offered price has been reduced

Listing on the carandclassic website seen on 11th August 2017.

£21,950 - Factory GT V8 in original citron - trade sale
Original chrome bumper, new gearbox, overdrive, wheels and Blockley tyres in 2016. Good history file. Older body restoration in excellent condition. 170811

Former Glory website
Good history including new gearbox, overdrive, wheels and tyres (blockley) in 2016. Electronic ignition, older full body restoration in excellent condition. The set of photos shows the wooden steering wheel has been replaced with what looks like an original MGBGTV8 steering wheel. £21,950