Updated Price Guide November 2017
This price guide update has been produced by analysing the Pricewatch listings from our two Pricewatch volunteers together with other information obtained from reports from fellow members and from published auction results of the selling prices achieved with some MGBGTV8 and RV8 sales.

Although MGV8 enthusiasts have bought and owned their cars for the understated power and sheer pleasure they get in driving them as affordable classic cars, price trends are always interesting. The Price Guide is also useful for enthusiasts thinking of getting an MGV8. We also hear that at least one classic car insurance broker refers to our guide when checking agreed values.

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Special six month update of our Price Guide
Usually we have an annual review with an updated guide released in May but as our Pricewatch team felt there were indications of some interesting trends, we have produced a six month update to our Price Guide.

Our review of the Pricewatch reports over the six months to the start of November 2017 indicates the number of MGBGTV8s offered for sale has fallen by about 6% and Condition 1 chrome bumper prices have fallen back a little when compared with our price guide in May 2017. In terms of market activity the number of Condition 1 cars seen offered for sale has reduced a little and the number of Condition 2 has reduced by a third when compared with the similar six month period in 2016. The premium for chrome over rubber bumper MGBGTV8s is reducing.

The review indicates how the premium for RV8s in Other Colours, so long a feature of the RV8 market, is reducing. In our RV8 Price Review in May 2017 the premium for a Condition 1 RV8 in Other Colours was £1,515 (8.2%) and for Condition 2 £1,150 (7.8%). In the six months to November 2017 the premium has fallen to £610 (3.1%) for Condition 1 and very nearly zero for Condition 2. It seems likely that the condition of an RV8 and the tendency for lower recorded mileages for reimported RV8s, mostly in Woodcote Green, are increasingly becoming key features buyers see as most important and less so simply opting for an RV8 in Other Colours.

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