Damask MGBGTV8 reappears with a 41% price uplift

Our Pricewatch spotter, Keith Belcher, has seen an MGBGTV8 has reappeared for sale with a 41% price increase. Here we provide details of the original advert and the advert that has just appeared in the last day or two

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Posted: 170729

MGBGTV8 Damask 2222
See advertised for sale in Leicestershire on 17th April 2017 and listed on the Pricewatch webpage:

£12,000 - "original" ex RB Factory MGBGTV8 in Damask - private sale -SOLD
Advert says "present owner for 10 years, garaged since last MOT expired but parked on the drive for about three months. Started regularly, requires a little recommissioning to return to the road. Clutch sticking and it needs a couple of bulbs or some terminals cleaning. Chance for a bargain as it stands. Can recommission and MOT it for a serious buyer for £15,000". Originally a rubber bumper car registered by an enthusiast in Dorset. Spotted by Keith Belcher. 170417

In his advert the advertiser in Leicestershire added "I've owned this car for approximately 10 years, it has been garaged at home since the last MOT expired, however it has been parked on the drive for about three months. Started regularly, requires a little re-commissioning to return to the road. Clutch sticking and needs a couple of bulbs or some terminals cleaning and a service. Chance to grab a bargain. Viewing encouraged. Advertised price is as it stands if you want an absolute bargain, but I am happy to recommission it and get an MOT for a serious buyer for £15,000 if left a £500 deposit".

The car was marked as "SOLD SOLD".
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Price uplift since the sale
We do not know exactly when the car was sold, but the £4,950 uplift (+41%) in the asking price in 3 months from the first advert appearing is considerable and 13% higher than the price the advertiser had suggested if he had fully serviced and recommissioned it. Priced now at £16,950 that suggests the car is rated as a rubber bumper Condition 2 Plus 83% or Condition 1 Minus 17% or possibly a chrome bumper Condition 2 Plus 33% or Condition 1 Minus 67%. As a semi-Sebring conversion it's neither a rubber or chrome bumper car but very much a modified car which is likely to appeal to a buyer unconcerned by either the rubber or chrome features but simply by the condition of the car. A very close inspection will clearly be essential.
MGBGTV8 Damask 2222
Seen advertised for sale with a trader in Oxfordshire on 28th July 2017 and listed on the Pricewatch webpage again.

£16,950 - Factory MGBGTV8 in Damask Red - trade sale
Advert says "new leather seats and refurbished wheels. Older body restoration with excellent engine bay. Chassis No 2222".

This car was originally produced as a rubber bumper MGBGTV8 but has at a later date had the rubber bumpers removed and is now a semi-Sebring conversion. No tailgate or nearside front wing "V8" badging but there is a V8 badge on the offside front wing. It's had an internal trim upgrade with leather seats. The original air cleaners have been replaced with K&Ns, several relays added and both the brake and clutch master cylinders have been replaced. The engine bay does look tidy and it looks as if some cleaning and possibly servicing has been undertaken since it was sold a few months ago. The front side light units have been returned to the Factory arrangement of side lights outboard and direction indicators inboard.

MOT search on the GOV.UK website
An MOT search on the GOV.UK website shows the last MOT expired on 13 February 2012 but as the car is presumably being offered for sale with a new MOT now by the trader it is likely the new MOT was obtained recently and the records on the GOV.UK website have not been updated yet. The MOT in March 2009 had an advisory notice item: "unable to test outer sills due to covers". It looks as if they were removed because that advisory did not apply in 2010 although there were other advisories. In February 2009 it failed the MOT with a list of six reasons for failure plus three advisories including "unable to test outer sills due to covers". With that advisory it seems extraordinary the car was presented for an MOT in 2010 with the sill covers still on the car!

It's worth checking the MOT history of any classic car offered for sale using the GOV.UK website as that check can sometimes reveal a great deal as it does in this case.

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