Teal Blue MGBGTV8 reappears with a 15% uplift in six weeks

Our Pricewatch spotter, Keith Belcher, has seen an MGBGTV8 has reappeared for sale on a trader's website with a 15% uplift in the price it was reported sold online only three weeks ago!

The car is now offered on eBay inviting bids starting at £12,000 there is an undisclosed reserve price. It's not clear but Keith believes the seller may be a trader in the Midlands.

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Posted: 170827
Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue project
Seen listed for auction in July 2017 by Berlineta Auctions. Reported sold sold on-line at berlinetta-auctions.co.uk in three weeks or so at £10,450" including commission and VAT. 170616 More
Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue project
Seen advertised for sale on eBay on 26th August 2017 saying "now only requiring a paintwork to finish" with bidding opening at £12,000 with bids closing on 2nd September 2017. Uplift of 15% in six weeks. 170826 More

Clearly the car has been tidied up by the trader now selling the MGBGTV8 on eBay but the offer of a restoration project without the respray saying "now only requiring a paintwork to finish" does seem strange. If they have the contacts with the trade, why not get the respray done and offer the car as a more attractive car at a higher price? As with many cars with signs of a lengthy layup a very thorough inspection of the car is essential, not least to check the condition of the inside of the cills and other hollow sections which are know to be areas where serious corrosion can develop and in some cases require replacement to maintain structural integrity. There are signs that during the lengthy restoration by the former owner that some panels have been replaced and he may have included a history file with his sale of the car which could provide evidence of the purchase of replacement panels.