News on MGV8 prices
Although MGV8 enthusiasts have bought and owned their cars for the understated power and sheer pleasure they get in driving these cars as an affordable classic car, price trends are always interesting. Here we gather together NEWS items published on the V8 website on auction results and price trends.

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Listings of the PriceWatch items with news of MGBGTV8s seen advertised for sale.

Llistings of the PriceWatch items with news of MG RV8s seen advertised for sale.

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PriceWatch-V8log and PriceWatch-RV8log webpages created
Two listings of the PriceWatch items with news of MGBGTV8s and MG RV8s seen advertised for sale or up for auction has been set up. These are the webpages to visit to see a trail of the PriceWatch reports for each model. 160305 See PriceWatch-V8log & PriceWatch-RV8log

Fully priced MGBGTV8 chrome bumper conversion on offer on eBay
See our review of this car seeking "offers in excess of £25,000. 160303 More

Two low mileage MGBGTV8s see advertised for sale
Andy Goves repors two V8s advertised for sale at full prices. 160223 More

Two chrome bumper MGBGTV8s see advertised for sale
Keith Belcher's report indicates prices are maintaining the rise seen in 2015. 160213 More

Update on the MGBGTV8 sold at Matthewsons' Christmas Auction 2015
Andy Goves has further information on the auction price. 160201 More

Recent RV8 auction sales
Andy Goves reviews three RV8s sold at auction over the last 18 months. 160114 More

MGBGTV8s sold at auctions held by Mathewsons and Morris Leslie
Prices shown in auction results usually include the hammer price and the buyer's premium. There is VAT payable on any commission charged by the auction house and in some cases the price shown in auction results also includes the VAT. 160113 More
& More

Understanding auction prices
How is an "estimate" price determined and by whom and how is the total cost paid by a successful bidder calculated? Andy Goves explains what he found and how it helps understand prices at classic car auctions. 160111 More

RV8s sold at auction in December 2015
Andy Groves provides details of two RV8s sold in December at auctions held by Bonhams and Classic Car Auctions. 160105 More

MGBGTV8 goes for £14,560 at a recent H&H auction

Andy Goves attended the H&H Auction at Chateau Impney at Droitwich Spa in December where a Factory MGBGTV8 in Damask Red was listed with an estimate of just £5,000-£7,000 but sold for £14,560. With the addition of the buyer's premium of 12% plus VAT that would make the purchase cost £16,657 around 10% below our guide price of £18,540 for a Condition 1 chrome bumper MGBGTV8. 151228 More

Hagerty Classic Index l aunched
The UK Hagerty Price Guide is now firmly established as the most comprehensive classic car valuation tool in the UK that is freely accessible. But monitoring well over 1,500 classic car model values is difficult, so Hagerty has created a series of indices that show trends, both in the market as a whole and in specific sectors. The first of these, launched in December 2015, is the Hagerty Classic Index. The Classic Index monitors the values of 50 classic car models that were chosen to be representative of the enthusiasts’ market in the UK. The MGBGTV8 is included in that group of 50 cars. 151205 More

MGBGTV8 PriceWatch report
Keith Belcher follows the online adverts for the Factory MGBGTV8 model and reviews a group of recent adverts. 151030 More

Update your agreed value when renewing your classic car insurance cover
With the substantial rise in MGBGTV8 values over the last few years, many members might find the agreed value forming a key part of their classic car motor insurance cover may be well below current market prices and need updating to avoid being underinsured. 150819 More

Investment activity in the classic car market continues to lift prices
The major factor lifting classic car prices over recent years has been the increase in investor activity where classic cars are seen as "alternative investments"with many having their fortunes plotted much like stocks and shares." 150809 More

Keith Belcher's MGBGTV8 Adwatch

Keith Belcher follows the online adverts for the Factory MGBGTV8 model and reports on a number he has seen recently.150623 More

Ten best MGs ranked by the Daily Telegraph
What are the best MGs of all time? The Daily Telegraph motoring section sets out its rankings and their article says "the top spot goes to the MGBGTV8". 150503 More

How did MGBGTV8 prices change in 1974-75?
Looking back at the Car Prices sheets issued by MG for their MGBGTV8 and MGBGT models, we have traced four price sheets. Our charts are interesting. 150415 More

Has the £40,000 MGBGTV8 arrived?
An exceptional MGBGTV8 with 10,300 miles has appeared for sale with a trader in Sussex at an asking price of £39,995. Even with the current surge in classic car prices that looks optimistic. 150410 More

Updated MGV8 price guide
As part of our regular update of our MGV8 Price Guide released recently on the V8 website, Victor Smith and Adam Fiander highlight some of the background to the price trends over the last 12 months. The increased interest in classic cars noted in our price guide released in 2014 has continued over the last 12 months. We have seen prices of good quality MGV8s moving up, particularly for MGBGTV8s. 150307 More & Article

More signs MGV8 prices are on the move
A number of signs seen over the last few months suggest a further upward price movement in classic cars is likely over the next 12 months and in some other areas too. Some of the funds that will be released under the new pension access rules are likely to go into classic cars and lift demand and prices. 150220 More

MGBGTV8s sell well at Anglia Car Auctions in early February 2015

The star was a 1975 much restored largely standard Tundra V8 with a walnut dash, full leather interior and nice registration number SCH 1 L which made £17,010 against an estimate of £14,00 to £16,00. 150204 More

.MGBGTV8 prices poised to rise
Keith Belcher thinks that with many other classic cars where values are seen on the rise, reports of investors moving into the classic car market again and the prospect of funds released when some pensions are soon to be freed up, all it needs is for the MGBGTV8 to be praised on a prime time show and that will see V8 prices rise. 150117 More

MGBGTV8 up for auction
Mark Ashby spotted an MGBGTV8 in the Anglia Car Auctions' list. 140725 More

MGBGTV8: the greatest unsung MG?
Classic Car magazine ran an article by Graeme Hurst in January 2010 which raised the "undiscovered qualities" of the model again: "With just 2591 cars built (compared to the 125,282 regular GTs that rolled out of Abingdon), the BGT V8 is a real rarity in MG terms, yet little more than a footnote in the marque’s history. Throw in the ravages of the British climate and spiralling costs of restoration, and that figure will have been significantly slashed over the years – making a V8 rarer today than many of the hand-built rivals that cost 5-6 times as much when they were new. Surely it is now time for this forgotten great of the classic world to get the recognition it deserves" .
This article was originally published in the January 2010 issue of Classic & Sports Car magazine. 160418 Link to the article

Check our price guide to MGV8 prices
Our price guide was reviewed in February 2014 by Adam Fiander and Victor Smith. 140222 More
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