Dash cams and vehicle trackers
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Updated: 201213

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Release of information from DVLA’s vehicle register
DVLA is allowed to release information from its vehicle register to the police and local authorities. Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulation 2002 also allows DVLA to release data to private or public sector organisations and individuals providing they can demonstrate reasonable cause to have it. Fellow V8 member Peter Nixon mentioned he was concerned that some car thieves may be able to obtain information from DVLA on where a classic car is located. 201212 More

Worrying developments with classic car theft
In an article in the Daily Telegraph Dr Ken German highlights some worrying developments with car theft and how thieves are targetting classic cars. 201210 More

Time limited discount offer from Classic Tracker
Ahead of the London Classic Car Show on 14th February 2019, Classic Tracker is offering a useful discount on its SAFER bundle saving £100. 190104 More

One classic a day is stolen
- now is the time to get a tracker

Now is the time to think hard about investing in a tracker for your MGV8 because the risk of classic car theft is rising. With a tracker the chances of recovery of a stolen classic car are far greater and the likelihood of the police assisting when the location of the stolen car is know are also greater. 181102 More

Nextbase dash cam 312GW Deluxe is still rated by Which? magazine
In our review of dash cams in late 2016 the best buys with a Which? magazine rating and typical store costs indicated the Nextbase dash cams were a good choice. In the latest Which? magazine for May 2018 they highlight the Nextbase In-Car Cam 312GW Deluxe at £92 continues to be a good choice. 180426 More

Time to get a tracker?
Thefts of vehicles have been growing in recent years with thieves, particularly organised crime gangs, using sophisticated techniques enabling them to remove cars rapidly which make tracing and recovering them very difficult. Without prompt information that a theft has occurred together with the vehicle's whereabouts, the chances of tracing and recovering a stolen vehicle are often low. Here we have a review of trackers. 180302 More

Bluetooth mobile phone handsfree kit for an MGV8
Many modern cars are now fitted with built in handsfree Bluetooth connections for mobile phones and used occasionally and with care they are a useful convenience. But can the technology and convenience be transferred to a classic car like an MGV8? Well yes, Jabra have an answer. 161125 More

Dash cam & satnav combined
Garmin make a combined Sat Nav and Dash Cam, called the Drive Assist 50 LMT-D which also has the additional benefit of a Bluetooth connection which enables you to link up your mobile phone for hands-free calls. A useful convenience in an MGV8. 161119 More

Updated dash cam review
Since we last looked at dash cams they have continued to improve in terms of functionality and performance. There has also been a surge in the popularity of dash cams, so the results of the latest product test by the leading UK consumer group Which? are a useful guide if you are thinking of getting a dash cam. 160928 More

New compact dash cam from Nextbase
A new, smaller dash cam has been launched by Nextbase which looks as if it will have most of the features a driver will need in a compact dash cam. That will enable the 212 to be fixed to the windscreen and hidden from the driver's view through the windscreen in front of the rear view mirror. 160529 More

Dash cam special offer at Halfords
Useful discount on the Nextbase 402G. 160528 More

CHIPnTRAC tracker improvements and member discount
The vehicle tracker, CHIPnTRAC, has now been operating for six years and many technical improvements have been made over that time and, even better news, the supplier has been able to continually lower costs and reduce prices. 160408 Update, the supplier featured in this item is no longer offering trackers. 181130 More

Growing use of dashcams
A feature in the Sunday Times in their Driving section mentioned two related developments with the use of dashcams in cars: first "the popularity of dashcams has soared to the point where the RAC estimates that 9% of motorists now use one in their vehicle - that amounts to 2.9m camera-equipped cars on the road" and second the growth of "dashcam vigilantes" reporting everything from minor misdemeanors to reckless driving. 151207 More

Guides to setting up and installing a CHIPnTRAC GPS tracker

See our short and detailed guides to setting up a tracker and details of how you can get a guide to installing a tracker in an MGV8. 150715 Update, the supplier featured in this item is no longer offering trackers. 181130 More

Guide to crimping bullet or lucar connectors
Whether you are doing maintenance on the electrical system on a modern classic car like an MGB or V8 or installing new wiring for equipment, getting a good crimped bullet or lucar connector is essential. But how do you do a good job and make a good crimp on the bullet connector or lucar? See the guide from Holden Vintaage & Classic. 150710 More

Review of the Nextbase402G dash cam
What's it like and how easy is it to set up and use? See a review by Mike Howlett. 150711 More

Review of the CHIPnTRAC GPS tracker
See a copy of the review published in the July 2015 issue of Safety Fast! 150701 Update, the supplier featured in this item is no longer offering trackers. 181130 Review and Kit contents

Dash cams - what are they like?
Review of the dash cam supplied by RBS Property Marketing in Kent first published in the November 2014 issue of Safety Fast! 141031 More
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