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How can I find out whether my car is eligible for VED exemption?
See our guide to VED exemption and flowcharts for a car "built" in 1974 or earlier and in 1975.
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NEWS items on the Historic Vehicle status & VED exemption

VED exempt classics being pulled up by police for having no MOT
The FBHVC has issued advice after it emerged that some police are stopping some owners of classic cars more than 40 years old for appearing not to have a valid MOT, which it fears is due to official records on these vehicles not making the exemption clear. 190125 More

Updated flowchart for a VED exemption application
Updated flowchart for an MGBGTV8 built in 1977 or earlier. 180117 More

Updated flowchart for a VED exemption application
Updated flowchart for an MGBGTV8 built in 1976 or earlier. 161124 More

Beware the DVLA clampers - ensure the notice of a change of registered keeper is sent to DVLA promptly
A rare but disturbing case from a Sunday Times article. 160117 More

Unintended consequences of ending the paper tax disc - see our clarifications

The aims behind the series of changes to vehicle excise duty (VED) over the last few years have been a combination of enforcing compliance and seeking administrative cost savings. But what have we seen? Sadly some uncertainties and some unintended consequences. Vehicle clampings have soared, motorists have incurred increased costs and we have seen misleading statements on the GOV.UK website. Here we clarify what has happened. 151202 More

What might happen if you are stopped by the police when driving home with an existing VED on a car you have just bought?
The DVLA website says when you buy a vehicle, the tax or SORN doesn't come with it and is cancelled so you need to re-tax a vehicle before driving it home from a dealer's forecourt or a private seller's home. We do not consider that is correct because our review of the legislation shows the existing VED is not cancelled until the DVLA receives notification of the change of registered keeper from a sale or transfer of the vehicle.
151202 More

How does the roll on feature of the rolling 40 year VED exemption work?
When the good news of the reintroduction of a rolling VED exemption was announced in the March Budget 2015, Chris Hunt Cooke mentioned an important detail - the Rolling 40 year VED exemption requires the annual roll-on to be included in each Finance Act which goes through Parliament following each Budget. Here Chris provides a detailed explanation.
151202 More

VED exemption for cars built in 1975 and eligiblefor VED exemption from 1st April 2016
Our guide and flowchart is based on our current understanding of how to make an application for a tax class change from PLG to "Historic" and reports from fellow members on their applications at either the Post Office or DVLA. 151127 Update & Guide 1975 & Flowchart 1975

Tax class change to "Historic" can only be processed when a licence application is made, not when making a SORN
A change of tax class from PLG to Historic can only be carried out when a VED licensing application is made, not when a SORN is made. However the Post Office can re-license a vehicle in the Historic tax class if it has previously been under a SORN.
151022 More

Tax renewal or SORN on the GOV.UK website
Tax renewal or SORN online is a very convenient way of managing this routine chore. You simply go to the GOV.UK website at . 150402 More

VED exemption for cars built in 1974
Our guide and flowchart is based on our current understanding of how to make an application for a tax class change from PLG to "Historic" for a car built in 1974 and reports from fellow members on their applications at either the Post Office or DVLA. 150123 More

Police launch an Emergency Contact Disc as an alternative to a tax disc
With the end of paper tax discs in October 2014 this is certainly a useful idea and one which could provide essential information at the scene of a collision or medical emergency. 141122 More

Abolition of the counterpart driving licence
From January 2015 DVLA will no longer issue the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. 141118 More

Update on the vehicle road tax changes in the UK
From 1st October 2014 you no longer need to display a paper paper tax disc on a vehicle registered in the UK. Even if you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, it can be removed from the vehicle and destroyed. 141030 More

Paying vehicle road tax by Direct Debit
As part of the end of paper tax disc changes, DVLA has offered a Direct Debit as an additional way to pay for vehicle tax. 141030 More

Heritage certificate delays at BMH Gaydon
Heavy demand for Heritage certificates is causing delays, so apply early for a certificate for a tax class change from April 2015. 140711 More

End or paper tax disc - update
See an extract from the latest FBHVC newsletter. 140613 More

Member receives duplicate new V5Cs and free tax discs!
A member's experience with applying for a tax class change to Historic and a free tax disc is a bizarre case! 140501 More

Updated guide note on applying for a tax class change and free tax disc
See our updated guide note and a flowchart which sets out how to find your way through the process. 140407 More

First successful tax class change and NIL value disc issued for an MGBGTV8!
John Fry reports he went to his local Post Office in Worcestershire today, got a tax class change and a a free tax disc. 140401 More

DVLA progress with a VED exempt tax class application!
At last DVLA is starting to respond sensibly to early applications for a tax class change and NIL value tax disc. See an update report. 140328 More

Tax exemption for cars built in 1973 measure recorded in Hansard
A resolution recorded in Hansard on 25th March 2014 covers the 12 month VED exemption extension announced in the Budget 2013. The further concession of a rolling 40 year exemption announced in the Budget last week will be covered by a section in the Finance Act 2014 which is underway and likely to reach Royal Assent in mid to late July 2014. 140326 More

VED exemption extended on a rolling 40 year basis
Tucked away on page 76 of the HM Treasury Budget 2014 support document was a very welcome announcement that "the Government will introduce a rolling 40 year VED exemption for classic vehicles from 1st April 2014". So as many enthusiasts had hoped, following the VED exemption announced in March 2013 for cars built in 1973, it is to become a "rolling" concession. For many enthusiasts who missed the 12 month VED exemption extension announced in March 2013 by a couple of months or so, because their car was built in early 1974, this will mean that from April 2015 they will be eligible to apply for the tax class change and the NIL value VED rate. 140319 More

Tax-exempt process for cars built in 1973
Since the Budget in March 2013 we have known a car built in 1973 will become road tax exempt from 1st April 2014 and at last the procedure for getting the taxation class changed from PLG to "Historic" for an eligible car and applying for a NIL value disc has been obtained from DVLA. 140220 More

VED exemption extension update
We have sought clarification of the proecedure for claiming a NIL value tax disc for the first time on and from 1st April 2014. So far we have seen no clarification and 1st April 2014 is approaching rapidly. 140215 More

Draft Finance Bill 2014 for consultation
The draft Bill is expected to include the VED exemption extension measure announced in the Budget in March 2013. 131206 More & Draft

DVLA closure document clarifies application process
See our NEWS item with a report on DVLA document INF259 released on 30th October. 131101 More

DVLA local offices closure programme
DVLA local offices will begin to close in three groups from 25th October with the second and third groups on 22nd November and 13th December 2013. 131019 More

How do you claim VED exemption for a car "built" before 1st January 1974?

Update from Victor Smith based on news received from the Federation for British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) and from fellow member Chris Hunt Cooke. 131017 More & 131020 Guide note

Where is the cut-off in the chrome bumper V8 production for the new VED exemption?
See our chart. 130813 More

VED exemption extension update
See our update note. 130730 More

VED exemption extension update
Looking at the Finance Act 2013 which recived Royal Assent in July 2013 we could see no mention of the VED exemption extension announced in the Budget 2013 in March. See the likely explanation in our NEWS item. 130730 More

Checking the "build date" of your MGBGTV8
How can you check the build date for your car and if your car was built in 1973 then how can you apply for Historic Vehicle status and the VED exemption? Our detailed guide note explains.
130522 More

Dating certificate from the V8 Register

We expect the V8 Register will have a role to play in "producing a dating certificate as an enthusiasts' club" using evidence from a copy of the vehicle manufacturers' production control records we have access to. 130323

How do you claim Historic Vehicle VED exemption?
What is the current DVLA procedure for taxing historic vehicles, will your MGBGTV8 be tax exempt and how can you find out when your car was built? 130323 More

Is your MGBGTV8 tax exempt?
See our NEWS item on this key question following the surprise announcment in the Budget Statement 2013. 130320 More

NEWS report on the Budget Statement on 20th March 2013
An extension of one year to the cut off date from which classic vehicles are exempt from VED was a welcome surprise in George Osborne's Budget Statement to the House of Commons today! From 1st April 2014 a vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1974 will be exempt from paying VED. 130320 NEWS report
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