Lowered RV8 seats
A frequent difficulty drivers who are tall in the body encounter in an RV8 is their line of sight can be close to the top of the windscreen and sun visor. So a tall driver will tend to adopt a crouched driving style. The seats on an RV8 are plush as they are well upholstered in Connolly leather in a Stone Beige colour and even with use they do not settle easily or a great deal. For many faced with this difficulty, finding a way of lowering the driving seat is essential. Here we have articles and notes on the topic.

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Updated: 151203

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Lowered seats made for the RV8 in matching leather
A new pair of lowered seats are made with a seat pattern that mimics the original RV8 seats, but with a lower seat section. The seats are in full hide, not just the wearing surfaces, and the leather is an excellent match to the centre console. The original RV8 head rests are reused. Both the back rest and the squab have been made shallower and the frame also cut down. These seats are for outright sale so you can keep the original seats in good condition. No modification is required to the car so the original seats can be refitted without difficulty. See a comparative set of photos of the original seats and new lower seats. 130711 More
Lowering an RV8 seat
Roger Davies contributed a note describing a simple modification to the seats in my RV8 which has allowed me to lower the seat height by a whole inch and a half. I now get a view of the road ahead instead of a view of the sun visor. This modification is not suitable for everyone but can be considered by those who do not use the seat slider mechanism, as this part is removed. It may be worth considering if you are 6ft or over and only you or similar height people drive your car and do not need to alter the seat position in the future. Roger provides more detail in RV8NOTE233. 060105 More
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