Biofuel concerns with classic MGs
Since the introduction of ethanol in motor fuels in the UK and overseas there have been concerns over the effects of biofuel on older cars, particularly classic cars. There seem to be three areas of concern with biofuel and classic cars - corrosion, damage to seals and combustion issues.

Corrosion concerns
Biofuels, particularly when stored for lengthy periods in a classic car laid up for periods during the winter months, attract water leading to corrosion in classic car fuel storage tanks and fuel supply systems. The FBHVC is actively working on these issues and have commissioned tests of corrosion inhibitors and have plans to encourage the distribution of an inhibitor for classic car enthusiasts.

Compatibility concerns over the effects of biofuels on the rubber components and seals
A number of members have experienced difficulties with damage to the rubber components and seals on classic car fuel systems. The concerns are what damage does biofuels cause and what replacement parts are recommended by key suppliers like Burlen and other aftermarket spares suppliers for SU fuel systems and where can they be obtained.

Combustion concerns
Petrol currently available at petrol pumps in the UK contains a different mix of hydrocarbons to the mix in fuel available in the 1970s when the MGBGTV8 with its SU carburrettors was manufactured. The concerns are current fuels are now designed to suit modern fuel injected engines and may cause some tuning issues for carburettored engines and other combustion issues. As these issues affect a range of classic cars we await clarification from fellow Club members with technical knowledge of the complex combustion issues and the views of the FBHVC.

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