What's involved in a major rebuild of an MGBGTV8?

Paul Rutherford finally got round to restoring the chrome bumpered Factory MGBGTV8 he purchased from Barry Sidery-Smith back in May 1988. He had never driven the car on the road as the bodyshell was very badly rusted at that time. In 1996 he stripped the car in total and stored all of the components waiting for the time that work allowed him time to start the restoration. However he decided to purchase a new body
shell in 1997 which he had modified to meet the MGBGTV8 specification by the British Motor Heritage plant by cutting parts from his old bodyshell and welding them into the chrome bumper shell.

The shell was delivered in January 1998 at a cost of £3,345:00 plus £312.00 for the modifications to V8 specification and since it was delivered it has sat in his garage along with the boxes of parts waiting for an opportune moment to start the restoration. That moment has come and Paul has begun the restoration and will send in reports as work progresses.
Reports on rebuilding an MGBGTV8

Rebuild project begins
Paul Rutherford's Glacier White 0563 in a sad state before a major restoration began.

Rebuild report 1
Restoration got underway in January 2016 with the aim of getting to a rolling chassis state. 160321 More

Rebuild report 2
Installation of the front suspension, upgraded brakes and then the steering. 160322 More

Rebuild report 3
In March the restoration moved on to the instruments. 160322 More

Rebuild report 4
Restoring the instruments continues. 160327 More

Rebuild report 5
More progress with some suspension upgrading . 160328 More

Rebuild report 6
A Quaife went in the back axle and then a rear disk brake conversion kit was used. 160508 More

Rebuild report 7
Stone chip spray on the underside and a 5 link rear suspension system fitted.160522 More

Rebuild report 8
Progress delayed by travel commitments but checking engine parts. 160717 More

Since July 2016 I have been away from the UK so the V8 restoration was put on hold. More

Rebuild report 9
Work resumes. The next stage was to install and centralise the disks. 170409 More

Rebuild report 10
The red top pump is located in the spare battery compartment. 170525 More

Rebuild report 11
Made initial bends to the fuel pipe with the tank on the bench using a pipe bender. 170607 More

Rebuild report 12
Bolt extensions liberally coated with copper ease plus a cap to protect from rust. 170612 More

Rebuild report 13
I decided to install a power monitoring system in the nearside 6 V battery bay. 170612 More

Rebuild report 14
Time to take the V8 off the jig it has been standing on since 1996!
170714 More

Rebuild report 15
First job was to strip everything needed form the old engine. 170714 More

Rebuild report 16
Checking the starter motor rotor and pre-select assembly and then the solenoid. 170714 More

Rebuild report 17
Next progress report. 1707NN More

Rebuild report 18
Next progress report. 1707NN More

Rebuild report 19
Next progress report. 1707NN More

Rebuild report 20
Next progress report. 1707NN More

Rebuild report 21
Next progress report. 1707NN More

Rebuild report 22
Next progress report. 1707NN More