E10 resistant plastic fuel sender floats
A recent update from Burlen, who produce and supply replacement parts for SU fuel systems, reports "we are still continuously developing our thoughts and products to help combat the negative effects of ethanol in motor fuel. We have already made changes, as described in your previous article, to fuel hose, floats, metering needle and jet material, most of which has been tested to E10 and beyond.
We have recently replaced the diaphragm material in our fuel pumps to a version that is ethanol resistant – even at the expense of several months of sales, which was a hard decision."

Burlen's un
derstanding is that "from late January this year, fuel companies were given the go ahead to mix up to 10% ethanol in standard grade unleaded. They are under an obligation to make this evident to customers at the pump (unlike E5). However, we are hearing that this may not be broadly phased in until 2014 or even as late as 2015. ‘Super’ Unleaded appears unlikely to be mixed at a higher volume than 5%, certainly in the short term anyway."

Burlen add "our own in house tests have shown that there is not a huge change in material degradation between E5 and E10 on materials that we know react badly to ethanol. How this relates to what will happen in the ‘real World’, we will of course have to wait and see as the material spec of products already in use in classic vehicles around the World is somewhat of an unknown." In response to our enquiry Burlen say "with regards to fuel tank sender floats, we would be very happy to look at producing them, or others, in our StayUp material" but clearly there has to be sufficient demand to justify the investment.

Gordon Hesketh-Jones, a heavy daily user of his Factory MGBGTV8, says "I do appreciate Burlen's possible caution in undertaking the design and development of products for which they do not have a precise and firm demand. However as a high-mileage user I would rather have the E10 resistant petrol tank sender floats and HIF6 floats now, rather than when I begin to experience problems - as happened when

the E10 in France destroyed the rubber pipes to my twin-petrol pump installation. Certainly I for one will buy and fit these parts just as soon as they are announced and are available, and frankly the cost will be small compared to the complications that can be caused when the non-E10 components either fail, or give false readings."

Are you Interested in getting replacement upgraded ethanol resistant floats?
Gordon would like to see if we can drum up support to encourage Burlen t0 produce these floats - so let us know whether you would order a set of replacements by using the response form.
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