Getting a key fob repaired

Automobile Locksmith Limited
73 Montagu Road Peterborough PE4 6EP
01733 705009

See RV8NOTE399

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Finding your electronic key fob has developed a fault - for example one of the buttons has fallen out or it simply stops working - can leave you with a puzzle as to how to get the fob repaired or replaced without too much hassle or expense. In RV8NOTE399 Alan Rennie mentioned a specialist company in Peterborough - Automobile Locksmith - who provide a good quality repair service. They also sell both new and used remote transponder keys, blank key blades, replacement batteries and other parts for the auto locksmith industry and repair kits for technically-minded DIY people.

Richard Lomas reported in 2011 that he had used Automobile Locksmith to repair the fob for his RV8 and found an excellent service. He sent the fob on Wednesday and it was returned Friday morning with a new fob.

Victor Smith sent off a key fob for a Toyota Corolla which had a button and the switch mechanism missing and a fully repaired fob was returned in two working days by first class post. You can pay online. An excellent service.

Visit their website to see the full range of services they provide and the models they support or call them on 01733 705009 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm).
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