Checking the oil level in an MGBGTV8
Marcus Schopen posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "just a simple question: my oil level on the oil dipstick of my V8 is exactly in the middle between low and high. Is that enough or should it be more? I've checked the oil level after the car was in the garage for three days and before starting."
Bob Owen's response was "That's just fine Marcus. If the engine is in good condition the V8 uses very little oil. Mine has done about 120,000 miles and a holiday in Italy, typically 3,200 miles, gives a just perceptible level drop on the dipstick. Don't go above "MAX" - there's a risk of oil being thrashed by the crank and the oil pump sucking on froth. Below "MIN" there's a risk of oil not being at the oil pump intake, especially while cornering."
Victor Smith noted "How to check the engine oil level is covered on page 52 of the MGBGTV8 Driver's Handbook AKD8423. It is an essential reference source for basic service information. Copies are available from Brown & Gammons at GBP 7.95 plus carriage - see their useful website for further details in the "Books" section at: - the key point is to change the oil regularly as the passageways supplying the rocker shafts can get sludged up and with the low pressure-high volume engine oil lubrication system on the V8 it's not a good idea to have dirty oil."
You can buy a copy online or pop into Brown & Gammons at Baldock and get a copy there. A very useful handbook that fits the glovebox on the MGBGTV8 and good value too. Essential reading for the new V8 enthusiast. More - see also MGBGTV8 Top Tips
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