Tracing a puzzling misfire on a Factory MGBGTV8 and finding replacement wiring harness clips
Ian Ailes
had experienced a misfire on his MGBGTV8 which he eventually put down to a crushed fuel line above the filter on the bulkhead. However the problem came back. So he decided to replace the Newtronic electronic ignition with an Accuspark unit. This seemed to transform the engine on a test drive until he pulled up in his drive and it promptly and conveniently cut out! I got it to start again, but then the same old problem again - as he shut the bonnet the engine cut out. .

Looking very carefully around the engine bay he then noticed the front wiring loom was damaged; it had been fouling on the bonnet catch and of course, the catch had worn through the loom. Thankfully the problem was finally solved and was temporarily fixed with some tape.

Ian thought that when the car was resprayed by a previous owner, they must have discarded the wiring harness clips which go on the panel above the oil cooler (the bonnet lock platform) and in their place put in "P" clips neatly underneath. The original MGB loom would have gone through the hole in the brace panel below but the V8 loom is too thick so the Factory introduced clips, which the rubber bumper cars also use, to fix it to the front of the panel well away from the bonnet catch. Imagine my relief at solving this one.

Ian then sought help in tracking down a source of replacement clips - he asked Peter Beadle "are they available anywhere?"

Peter Beadle responded saying "there are two sizes of this clip - BHA4232 the smaller clip is designed to support two cable bundles up to 1/4"dia each and BHA4233, the larger clip which is designed to support two cable bundles up to 5/16"dia each. Both sizes were used on MG Midgets whereas the MGB Parts Catalogue AKM0039 only lists BHA4233 Clip -edge on page 108-H 50. I think that both Moss Europe and Brown & Gammons supersede the two part numbers above to a "similar" clip, BHA4473, which performs the same function and still looks correct. They both currently have a stock of BHA4473 (Wiring Edge Clip) at approximately 60p each." See our illustrated note

Where do these clips go?
They support the wiring loom and four clips are attached to the front edge of the bonnet lock platform in front of the radiator and cooling fans.

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