Engine oil information for MGV8s
Recommended MGBGTV8 lubricants
See a copy of the recommended lubricants chart in the MGBGTV8 Driver's Handbook AKD8423. More

Engine oil for pre-1980 classic cars from Castrol

The Castrol website recommends Castrol Classic XL 20w/50 . More
Lubrication information for the MG RV8
See section Capacities, Fluids & Lubricants, pages 2 & 3 in the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153ENG. More

Engine oil for MG V8 engines from Castrol

The Castrol website has Castrol Magnatec as its recommended engine oil for the MG RV8. More
Oil change intervals with a Rover V8 engine
Whilst Castrol indicate changing at 12,000 mile intervals or 12 months (whichever is the earlier), the recommended advice from the V8 Register is engine oil changes on the Rover V8 engines fitted to the MGBGTV8, MGV8 conversions and the RV8 should be every 3,000 miles or 12 months maximum as a better service routine. This is because the lubrication system in a Rover V8 engine is a "high volume - low pressure" system and the oil passageways leading to the rocker shafts are prone to sludging up which can lead to a reduced flow of oil to those areas.

See our note on MGV8 engine oil choices. More
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