Exhaust systems for an MG RV8
In a V8BB thread "Time for a new exhaust" launched by an RV8 enthusiast in Canada, Simon Austin, he was seeking fellow members' views on the alternative replacement exhaust systems available from the leading RV8 spares specialists. He had been looking at the websites and comparing prices.

On the B&G website the part he needed is shown as item 9 on their webpage

On the Clive Wheatley website under the RV8 section there are two exhaust systems shown on the webpage. - a double s/s back box exhaust and a single s/s back box exhaust.

Simon asked does "anyone have any experience with either Clive's or the B&G replacement exhaust? The B&G system is cheaper but I'd like to know if the quality is the same. I don't mind paying for a good system". The V8BB thread was interesting not least because two members produced sound recordings of a couple of replacement systems.

Posted 170712

Peter Varley (Woodcote Green 0677) in Victoria Australia provided a link to a video clip of his RV8 with a single two and a half inch stainles steel system with stainless steel high flow cats and high flow mufflers. The original system was rather 'Restrictive' according to a Dyno Tuner. More

Victor Smith highlighted an earlier video clip of a twin system being demonstrated by Clive Wheatley at the Stoneleigh MG Show in 2007. More

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