Autocourse product update bulletins
These useful documents used by the RV8 production team at Cowley, recently obtained as archive material, provide an RV8 product overview, detailed technical information on the Engine Management System fitted to the RV8 and another on the In Car Entertainment package. Copies of these three documents will be added to the information included as part of the sets of RV8 Workshop Notes supplied by the V8 Register and also available to members who have taken up a workshop notes updates subscription service. Updates service options

Note for Members with a current RV8NOTES updates subscription service - if you would like to add these documents to your set of notes just contact the V8 Webmaster. More & Contents of a set of RV8NOTES & getting an updates subscription

Autocourse 94
Bulletin 5 - C625
Rover Product Update

This 35 page illustrated note provides an RV8 product overview with information on the interior features, vehicle electrics, ICE, controls, fuse box layout, steering wheel removal, suspension, braking system and technical data.

Autocourse 94
Bulletin 4 - C625
Rover Product Update

This 42 page detailed illustrated technical note on the EMS (Engine Management System) fitted to the RV8 provides a full description of the Hot Wire EFI System and its component parts in the following sections: fuel supply, air intake system, electronics and fault diagnosis.

Autocourse 93
Bulletin 5 - C615
New Product Update

This 33 page note provides an introduction to the new ICE (in-car entertainment) package that became available at the time of the production of the RV8 model. It was a system that is fitted as standard with the option of a CD Autocharger mounted in the boot. The combined radio cassette head has many hi-tech features including an RDS (Radio Data System) facility and detachable keyboard.
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