New rebuild project
Ian Frankland says he has "just bought a very rough Factory MGBGTV8 and want to know if it originally had Black bodywork. It's VIN GD2D1642G". The V8 Registrar responded "it was built on 4th September 1973 in Glacier White and despatched to Mann-Edgerton in North Finchley, London N12".

Ian responded saying "at least it is a Factory V8 but it has been in a fire and it needs a lot of work to restore it, but I could not have afforded it otherwise. It will most likely cost me more in the long run than a nice car, but I can do the work in stages as funds allow. The engine is seized as its been standing for many years and it may have been reshelled

as it appears to be an original Rubber Bumper V8. Strange for a 1973 car as people put chrome on rubber bumper cars, although oddly I like the rubber bumpers as it looks more streamline.

Though it will be a while before I hear the V8 sound. I have some MOTs and can see its done well over 100,000 miles. It will never be concours but I hope to have a nice weekend toy".