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Posted: 30.4.08 Updated: 4.9.08

George Wilder, longtime member of the MG Car Club and currently a Club director, sent in an email recently with news of an MGBGTV8 for sale on eBay noting "another sad V8 on eBay as item 230245037342 - this one needs a shed to be moved to get it onto a trailer!" It was later identified by George as Damask 0450 and appeared to be in a very sorry state. He feared it might meet the sad fate of some MGBGTV8s recently and be snapped up and broken for spares. But then some very good news!

Barrie Jones (Glacier White 0672) from Cornwall, well known as the T Register technical man and contributor to the V8 website with his news items on bioethanol fuel problems for classic cars, then sent in details of the car. Yes he had purchased it as a restoration project! Barrie said "I bought the wreck via eBay, and I am waiting for the shed to be moved so that the car can be
extracted. It has been there for 10 years".

George Wilder
on hearing the news replied "Thanks for the update - I wish Barrie well with that project - moving the shed I mean!"

Sad economic realities with Factory MGBGTV8s in need of major restoration

When a Factory MGBGTV8 reaches a stage where a serious restoration is necessary, the high cost of restoration and the current modest prices for Condition 1 and 2 cars means the residual value of the car for restoration is quite low. However the aggregate value of the key components when a car is broken for spares - gearbox, back axle, engine and other parts - is possibly double or more than the residual value for restoration. Sadly we are seeing a small but nonetheless sad flow of Factory MGBGTV8s being broken for spares even where a restoration is feasible. The increasing interest amongst V8 enthusiasts for V8 Roadster conversions is creating a demand for Factory MGBGTV8 running gear and other parts as Clive Wagerfield's report shows. Sadly the trend seems likely to continue unless the prices of Condition 1 and 2 MGBGTV8s rise substantially but in the present economic conditions in the UK that seems unlikely for a year or so at the earliest.
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