Early pre-production MGBGTV8 in Limeflower awaiting restoration
Victor Rodrigues reports an MGBGTV8 - Limeflower 0156 has been in Portugal for some time and the owner and V8 Register member, Alberto Cruz, is planning a restoration. The photos were taken in 2007. Alberto also owns Glacier White 0643.

Limeflower is a rare colour (similar to Harvest Gold) used on the very early MGBGTV8s and 0156 is a Pre-Production car from 1973. It was mounted on the line on 15th May 1973 and went through paint finishing on 14th June with despatch to Carey &
Lambert in Southampton on 8th August just a week before the launch of the model. The car was previously owned by Terence Bloomfield in Hampshire with the registration plate NOW 210 M.

The information and photos are from Victor Rodrigues (who runs the successful Swiss MGV8-IG) through his local contacts as he originally comes from Portugal.

The photos in the report suggest the car is finished in Glacier White rather than Limeflower but they clearly indicate a substantial restoration will be necessary. Photos
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