References for restoring an MGBGTV8 or an MGBV8 Conversion
Practical Classics on MGB Restoration
All the restorer needs to know, including bodywork, suspension, brakes, steering, trimming, painting, hood, engine overhaul, engine and gearbox replacement, fitting up, costs. This restoration guide has 100 pages, approx 350 illustrations, and is soft bound.
MGB Restoration Manual
By Lindsay Porter
This best-selling book, with nearly 1,400 illustrations, outlines the history of Britain's favourite sports car, tells the prosdpective buyer how to find a good example of an MGB, MGC or MG RV8, then gets down to the restoration, detailing how to renovate bodywork and chassis; renovate interiors, including the recovering of seats and renewal of carpets and hood; and give new life to mechanical and electrical components. There is also information on building an MGB for today, with modern comfort, handling, performance and sound systems; and how to build a Heritage reshelled MGB.
How to give your MGB V8 Power
By Roger Williams
This is one of the best sources of information on building a V8 powered MGB Roadster, including using a new Heritage shell.
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