Progress with an MGBGTV8 restoration
In an email to the V8 webmaster Michael Pancheri says "we corresponded at some length earlier this year about my planned restoration of my V8, and you very kindly 'put the word about' which resulted in lots of helpful people contacting me with their various thoughts for which I am very grateful. I wanted to update you on the progress with the restoration".

The car was in a pretty poor state after being off the road for over 25 years. She had suffered from a lot of rust to the floors and around the headlamps, and also in the rear wings before she was taken off the road due to a broken gearbox, and certainly would have required attention to those even then.
By the beginning of 2016 corrosion had also eaten through the roof by the rear corners of the sunroof, and it was this factor above all else which caused one reputable specialist firm to advise me that the shell would not be repairable, and that I should order a new one. I delivered the car to a specialist firm in Poole, Phoenix Classic Cars, at the beginning of June 2016. They told me that the shell was repairable, that there was more good than bad in her, and that their policy was always to retain as much of the original car as possible. I had seen examples of their work and liked their set up. I have been very pleased with both the progress and final job.

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