Hoyle suspension modifications

John Hoyle is a skilled engineer and a very approachable man who is keen to help both enthusiasts and specialist traders fit his suspension modification kits to their V8 Roadster, MGBGTV8 or RV8. He is frequently seen on his stand at MG classic car shows like Stoneleigh and the MG Car Club's annual weekend International MG Meeting at Silverstone. It is important to note the kits require 15 inch wheels. More (23.4.08)

New front suspension kit is much lighter

Hoyle Engineering can now supply a new front suspension modification which has been developed in the US by Fast Cars, Inc. The unit is an astonishing 80lbs lighter than the standard MGBGTV8 front suspension set up with the heavy crossmember and bolts into the MGBGTV8 without modification. The unit is available in righthand drive at no extra cost. More
Rear independent suspension kit
The kit enables you to enjoy independent rear suspension with disc brakes. The back axle from a Ford Siera or Granada can be used together with a Ford limited slip differential too. More

Front coil over suspension kit

The Hoyle replacement double wishbone, coil over front suspension system has been specially designed to overcome some of the criticisms of the original or other alternative options. More
Where can I get a Hoyle kit fitted?
Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has fitted the Hoyle kits to a customer's car and John Hoyle very kindly drove up to Bridgnorth to deliver the kit and advise during the day. That's a measure of John Hoyle's attention to customer service and desire to see satisfied customers. More
Can I fit the kit myself?
Geoff King created one of the best V8 Roadsters we have seen and included the Hoyle kits. His article on the conversion is a useful reference. More
Another member, John Taylor, has fitted the kit to an RV8 and is happy to discuss it with fellow members. Contact the V8 webmaster for John's telephone number.
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