Fitting power steering on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone acquired his MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 1810) from Dr Chris Ward who had had the car restored by a specialist in Northumberland. Jim has since carried out several modifications and here he sets out a detailed note on his choice and then the installation of a power steering upgrade on the car.

Jim was clear with his aims for the EPAS upgrade - the installation would give the prospect of prolonged years of driving enjoyment.

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Posted: 200523

Puller to remove the steering wheel safely

At the time of the MGB's conception there was no satisfactory economical resolution to the conflict between positive steering response at high speed and low effort at manoeuvring speeds. The conventional answer for a sports car was to prioritise the former and specify steering gear with a low (numerical) ratio while higher (numerical) ratios were specified for heavyweight saloons. In spite of this, and before the almost universal adoption of power assisted steering (PAS), there remained little difference between the effort to change direction in an MGB and its contemporaries. But all that changed with the introduction of affordable PAS systems.

An affordable EPAS upgrade kit has been available for several years from the Dutch supplier EZ which is suitable for a number of classic cars including the MGBGTV8. Jim felt that if justification for the upgrade on his MGBGTV8 were needed then it was that in later life, and anticipating increasing physical frailty, a PAS fitment presents the prospect of prolonged years of driving enjoyment.

Jim chose an EZ EPAS system and in his article, he

EPAS power adjuster

provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the installation with many useful photos to illustrate how he carried out the work and solved some of the issues that arose during the work.

While the EZ installation can hardly be described as a plug-and-play DIY installation, it is within the scope of a competent home mechanic willing to do some fitting. In defence of EZ, tailoring a precision component to as diverse a product as an MGB can be no easy matter.

As far as driving impressions are concerned the EZ EPAS system operated as expected with a much welcomed reduction in steering effort when manoeuvring at slow speeds. The strong dynamic self-centring of the MGB's steering was reduced which will possibly disappoint some enthusiasts. This could have been retained (without driver intervention) if a speed sensitive control had been provided. In summary, the EZ EPAS performance benefits will probably appeal most to the mature classic car enthusiast who wishes to continue to enjoy his/her hobby for a few more years.
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