MGBGTV8 launch press articles and reviews
How did the motoring press receive the MGBGTV8 in 1973?

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Autocar - 16th August 1973
Front cover. More
Look what's gone into the MGBGT. More
Auto test - MGBGTV8. More
Recommended new car prices. More
Borg & Beck advert. More
BL advert for an MGBGTV8. More

Motoring News - 16th August 1973
At last - V8 power for the MGB by MLC. More

Police Review - 17th August 1973
MGBGTV8 by WR Taylor. More

Motor - 18th August 1973
B-sting: a look inside the new MGBV8 by Philip Turner. More
New targets for the old firm by Philip Turner. More

Motor - 25th August 1973
Road test: MGBGTV8. More

Car Magazine - September 1973
MGV8: Too little, too late, too much by Mel Nichols. More

Classic Car - October 1973
Classics for 1974: MGBGTV8. More
Tale of two Vees: MGBV8 v Sunbeam Tiger. More

Wheels (Australia) - October 1973
A frank review of the MGBGTV8 which Shane Dineen feels is a “less than flattering”. More

Motor Sport - October 1973 & March 1977
MGBGTV8 Road Test by CR. More
MGBGTV8 on speed patrol duties. More

Autosport - 27th December 1973
MGB improves with V8's torque by John Bolster. More

Cars & Car Conversions - February 1974
The B comes out of the gloom by Fred Games. More


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