Unmarked V8s as speeding patrol cars in 1973
Jim Gibson was skimming through some old magazines he was able to browse, courtesy of a member at his local natter, and found this news item in Motor Sport issue in March 1977. Jim enquired "does the V8 Register know anything of this MGBGTV8? If there is a present owner I wonder if he or she is aware of its history?"

Victor Smith responded saying "the car mentioned in the Motor Sport news item - TBH 355M - is Blaze 1006 registered many years ago by TS Gooch in Enfield north of London but unfortunately our V8 Database record has only an address and no email or telephone contacts and no sign of an MG Car Club membership number either. I have contacted Liz Allsworth (Club membership secretary) who says there is no sign he has been a Club member".

A DVLA VES check shows the MGBGTV8 Blaze 1006 is taxed to 1st April 2016 so it looks as if the car is still running. The April date suggests it got a tax class change to Historic and a NIL value VED from 1st April 2014. The car was built in November 1973 although not first registered until June 1974 and became eligible for VED exemption from April 2014 . It has an MOT until 27th October 2016. Victor Smith mentioned that he had noted the DVLA VES report says the colour is "Blue" and not Blaze so it looks as if it has had a respray.

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The MGBGTV8s used for speeding patrol duties were clearly an effective resource.
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