Adjustments made to a press release launch photo of the MGBGTV8 in August 1973

Photo included in a press release package
A comprehensive 19 page package of press releases made on Wednesday 15th August 1973 provided details of the new, more powerful MGBGTV8 model. The package has five sets of press release documents on British Leyland headed paper. It also includes an official release photo of the car, which is 220 x 170 mm and marked 'Confidential, not for publication until 15th August 1973'. Ian Ailes tracked down a copy of the press pack including the press release which you can view here.
Press release
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The seven day eBay auction of the rare photo alongside was spotted by Robert Rose who says "This in itself is not unusual but what is of interest is the hand written annotated notes on the back which provides an insight as to how these photographs were used by the media. In this particular case it was the removal of the couple standing next to the MGBGTV8 (other minor deletions) and the painting in of background scenery. Clearly and quite rightly, they did not want any distraction from the main theme, the launch of the MGBGTV8!"

Seven day auction of a rare MGBGTV8 publicity photo
A seven day eBay auction on eBay says "original medium format period (1973) black & white press photograph in very good condition for a 47 year old photograph. Featuring a handsome front three-quarter image of a new MGBGTV8 in a lake-side countryside setting. UK registered RHD vehicle with registration index UOK 935L. British Leyland and MG insignia badged at the bottom. Negative Number 239065.

On the reverse side an Art Department stamp is visible "The Daily Telegraph PUBLISHED 15 AUG 1973 ART DEPARTMENT" along with other art department markings. The photo sheet is approximately 220mm x 167mm. A scarce and attractive press photo with authentic UK press credentials from the period

The black star is on the gallery copy only and NOT on the physical image that you will receive. The advertiser says "reducing my personal collection of scarce Press Photos".