Tax-exempt process for cars built in 1973

Free tax disc but you will need to apply
Unless you take action to apply for "Historic"status for an eligible car, an application for a road tax disc will not automatically result in your receiving a free disc or "NIL value" disc as it is known.
At last the procedure for how to get the taxation class changed from PLG to "Historic" for an eligible car and apply for a NIL value disc has been obtained from DVLA.

Where can I get the DVLA forms?
You can download the forms from the the website or pick them up at a local Post Office that can issue road tax discs.

DVLA Form V10
Download a form and guidance on how to fill in form V10 and make an application for a tax disc. Form V10

Post your VED exemption application and forms to DVLA
DVLA, Swansea SA99 1DZ

Postal record of your application
As your tax class change and NIL value disc application will contain important documents - V5C, MOT and insurance certificates and a Heritage certificate - we strongly advise using a Royal Mail recorded delivery service or even a registered post option to be certain you have evidence of your posting those documents to DVLA. It will also be prudent to take good quality photocopies of each document so you can retain them.

What do I do if my current road tax disc runs out before 1st April 2014?
If you want to run your car on the roads in the short period from the expiry of your current disc until 1st April then you will need to tax your car for 6 months and then subsequently apply for a refund with your application for a change of tax class and a NIL value disc from 1st April 2014. Clearly it would be simpler to declare a SORN for that short period and live without the car.

See our earlier NEWS items on VED exemption extension. More

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Since the Budget in March 2013 we have known a car built in 1973 will become road tax exempt from 1st April 2014 and at last the procedure for getting the taxation class changed from PLG to "Historic" for an eligible car and applying for a NIL value disc has been obtained from DVLA.

To change the taxation class to "Historic" you will need to obtain a DVLA road tax application form V10 and complete the details ensuring you state the car is "Historic" in the section for the tax class. You will also need your red V5C (UK Registration Certificate) and in section 7 Changes to Current Vehicle you need to enter "Historic" in the taxation class box (see below). You will see in the footnote that "the tax class shown in section 4 can only be changed when taxing. Please apply to your nearest DVLA local office". The DVLA local offices closed at the end of 2013 so the applications now go to DVLA Swansea. Your application will also need to enclose your current MOT certificate and certificate of motor insurance. If your car was registered after 31st December 1973 but built before that date then you will also need to provide evidence of the build date - see below.
What evidence can I provide as proof of the build date?
Our recommended document is a Heritage certificate issued by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) at Gaydon which holds the MG production archives. In an earlier contact with the archivist at the BMHIT he indicated that the date accepted by DVLA as the "built" date for a Factory MGBGTV8 is the "Date through paint finishing". This date is shown on the Heritage certificates that BMIHT produces with the production numbers and data for individual cars. Those Heritage certificates bear the BMIHT seal to authenticate them. Details of the various Heritage certificates and how you can purchase one online are available in the Archive Services section of the BMIHT website.

How can I get a preliminary indication of whether my car was manufactured before 1st January 1974?
We can provide an indication of the "build date" for your car from a handmade copy of the Factory production control records made by the late Geoff Allen in the last weeks before the MG Plant finally closed as he was concerned the original records might be binned and lost for ever. As it was a handwritten copy we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data in every case but so far, from the checks made comparing that data with the information on several Heritage certificates from BMHIT Gaydon, there were no signs of serious variances in key dates like the "Date through paint finishing". So for the modest charge of only £5 you can buy a Factory records search for your V8 online on our V8 Grapevine website. Link
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