Is your MGBGTV8 tax exempt?

How can I check when my MGBGTV8 was "Advised for delivery"
at the MG Plant at Abingdon?
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Is my car tax exempt?
The Heritage Motor Centre archive department at Gaydon says "If our guide suggests that you might be tax exempt, don’t delay, order a Heritage Certificate now using our online form. Cars built before 1st January 1973 are eligible for ‘historic vehicle class’ and therefore exempt for paying road tax in the UK. If your car comes into this category then our Heritage Certificate service (£39) or Dating Letter (£20) will provide the proof you need to claim your tax exempt road disc from the DVLA." Following the Chancellor's announcement today we expect their website will be updated shortly to say that from 1st April 2014 a vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1974 will be exempt from paying VED.
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If any member has direct experience of the process of applying for and successfully obtaining Historic Vehicle tax exempt status, then please contact the V8 Webmaster so we can put details of your account of how you handles the process on the V8 Website.


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An extension of one year to the cut off date from which classic vehicles are exempt from VED was a welcome surprise in George Osborne's Budget Statement to the House of Commons today! From 1st April 2014 a vehicle manufactured before 1st January 1974 will be exempt from paying VED.
Many enthusiasts with an MGBGTV8 may be eligible for the tax exemption as the model was in production at Abingdon from 1973 to 1976 with a few pre-development cars produced from late 1972. To be eligible for VED tax exempt status the car must have been built before 1st January 1974 - so it's the build date and not the date of first registration that determines eligibility.

What is the build date for your car?
We are trying to get formal confirmation of the definition of "build date" for an application for VED tax exempt status but the copy of the MG Factory Production Control records for the MGBGTV8 held by Victor Smith records the key dates during production starting with "Production Commissioned" and "Mounted on the line", then "Paint finishing", "Advised for delivery" and finally "Dispatched from Factory". The date most likely to be accepted as the "build date" is the date when the car was "Advised for delivery" because by then the car would have left the production line, have completed its inspection and road testing and, if it proved necessary, would have cleared Rectifications Department and any final testing and inspection.

Where in the production records are the last cars produced in 1973?
Well the records show the latest car to be advised for delivery was 1161 on 27th December 1973 but it's not as simple as that because 42 cars with an earlier Car No or VIN were advised for delivery from 1st January 1974. The earliest car in that group of 42 cars was Car No/VIN 1037 with another much earlier car, 0960, which was very slow reaching a state ready for delivery!

How can I check the "Advised for delivery" date for my MGBGTV8?
We have an online search option on our V8 Grapevine website where you can order a V8 Factory Records search report. The search fee of £5 goes to the widow of the late Geoff Allen who painstakingly copied the records at the Factory in his lunch breaks.
V8 Factory Records search

How do I go about applying for Historic Vehicle tax exempt status?
We are seeking clarification but understand that you simply apply at your local DVLA office, taking your documents (including evidence of the Build Date) along so they can amend the tax class of your V8 from PLG to Historic Vehicle. Do not apply to Swansea, as we understand they are not equipped for taxation class changes.
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