Delays with Heritage certificates

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Chris Hunt Cooke has spotted two announcements on the British Motor Heritage website:

Potential Waiting Time
Due to exceptional demand, there is currently a potential waiting time of up to 6 weeks for Heritage Certificates. However, we will endeavour to complete orders within our normal 28 days delivery time. Thank you for your patience.

Dating Letter
A Dating Letter will show the vehicle’s date of manufacture, as recorded in the original factory build record, presented on British Motor Industry Heritage Trust letterhead. Please be advised that if you require proof of your vehicle’s age, the DVLA will now only accept a Heritage Certificate as minimum evidence of the build date.

Chris says "owners of cars that will qualify for the tax class change from PLG to Historic from 1st April 2015 under the 40 year rolling VED exemption rule introduced in the last Budget might like to consider getting a Heritage certificate in advance rather than waiting until the last minute when there may be a similar delay."
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