Bizarre exerience with DVLA

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David Stonehouse reports "I am aware that there has been a variety of experiences by V8 owners applying for a tax class change and a NIL value tax disc but my experience - well from the sublime to the ridiculous comes to mind.

My initial application made to DVLA Swansea was returned because the DVLA said that I had not included all the necessary forms which I had. I sent it back to the DVLA by return post. In mid April they issued a new V5C showing the vehicle as "Historic" so I then applied at my local Post Office and was granted a nil cost road fund licence.

Last week I rang the DVLA about the return of my BMIHT Heritage Certificate evidencing the build date. Today they returned the certificate together with another new V5C and another Road Fund Licence. Receiving
duplicates of both the road fund licence and log book is quite bizarre."
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