Guide to applying for a tax class change and a NIL value road tax disc for a car built in 1973

Postal record of your application
As your tax class change and NIL value disc application will contain important documents - V5C, MOT and insurance certificates and a Heritage certificate - we strongly advise using a Royal Mail recorded delivery service or even a registered post option to be certain you have evidence of your posting those documents to DVLA. It will also be prudent to take good quality photocopies of each document so you can retain them.

V8 Bulletin Board thread
See members' feedback on how the applications at Post Offices and to DVLA have gone. As many postings have been made please note you will need to go beyond the first page of postings. V8BB

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Since the Budget in March 2013 we have known a car built in 1973 would become road tax exempt from 1st April 2014. Now we have seen from fellow members reports how their VED exemption applications have been handled, we are now able to update our guide on the tax exemption application process. See our updated guide note on applying to change the tax class to "Historic Vehicle" and for a NIL value tax disc and our flowchart which sets out how to find your way through the process.
Updated guide note & Flowchart

Important point
For an eligible car the tax disc is free but the important point to note is that you will need to start the process because unless you take action to apply for "Historic"status, an application for a road tax disc will not automatically result in your receiving a free disc.
So you have to apply for a tax class change to "Historic Vehicle" and then for a NIL value tax disc.

Where can I get a BMHIT Heritage certificate?
Contact the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon - yopu can buy your certificate online. Heritage certificate

Where can I get a Form V10?
Download a form and guidance on how to fill in form V10 and make an application for a tax disc. Form V10

Where do I post my application to DVLA?
DVLA, Central Capture Unit,
Longview Road,
Swansea SA6 7JL
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