First successful tax class change and NIL value disc issued for an MGBGTV8!

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Do let us know how you get on with your applications at a Post Office or via DVLA Swansea.

Update: 140302
Posted: 140401

John Fry in Worcestershire has reported that "the tax disc on my MGBGTV8 expired yesterday, the 31st of March. I today went to my local Post Office today armed with the V5, MOT certificate, insurance certificate and licence renewal notice showing £225 - which has also increased today. It could not have been simpler . The Post Office counter staff scanned in the V5 and their computer told them vehicle could be amended to Historic (which they were not able to do last week), changed the V5 to show this, then I signed - and voila a free tax disc! They did not want a completed V10 application. Now all that remains is for DVLA to send me a fresh V5". As John's car is a very early V8, the V5C will show the date of first registration in 1973 so processing his tax class change application was on the basis that a car first
registered in 1973 would necessarilly have been built in 1973 or earlier, so qualifies for the tax class change available from 1st April 2014. It will be interesting to see if other fellow members with a car built in 1973 but first registered in 1974 can get a tax class change processed so easily at a local Post Office.

John Fry's MGBGTV8 (Green Mallard 0124 - HOH 920 L) is a former press car which was used for the Autocar road test in August 1973.

Update on Wednesday 2nd April 2014
Chris Hunt Cooke reports he has heard from a classic car enthusiast with an eligible MG who went into his local Post Office yesterday and the postmaster "switched on his machine at the Post Office in the village at 9am and the amendment was on. So he issued me with an Historic licence for my MG and we sent off the old licence to DVLA with a V14 for a refund. He wrote "Historic" on the V5C and I signed it and he sent it off to the DVLA. So now I am waiting of the new V5C from DVLA. The postmaster did say that he was surprised that the weekly newsletter from his Head Office had given no hint of the change. Also he did not need the Dating certificate. So I spent £65 needlessly [on a dating certificate] based on the instructions from the DVLA".

Brian Western in Cornwall reports "my recent attempts to apply for a Tax Exemption disc from my local Post Office didn't work, they had never issued one before so I had to bundle all my relevant information up and consign it to the tender mercy of the DVLA in Swansea. So goodness knows when I'll see it returned?"

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