DVLA progress with a VED exempt tax class change application!

Posted: 140328

After my first application on 21st February 2014 to DVLA for a tax class change and NIL value tax disc for my MGBGTV8 built in 1973 simply "bounced" so the whole application came back to me with a confused response from DVLA , I had sent in a second application on 18th March 2014 stating again very clearly it was an application to apply from 1st April 2014. Today I have had a reply from DVLA (undated and unsigned) which includes a better understanding of theVED exemption extension measures announced in the support document issued by HM Treasury shortly after the Chancellor's statement in March 2013 and it ends with the welcome statement - "therefore we are holding on to your application until 1st April 2014 when we will be able to process your application and you should receive your disc."
Quite why this sensible procedure could not have been adopted for my first application remains a mystery but possibly the confusion expressed in the DVLA reply then may have been a contributary factor. We will never know but the result is it has cost me an additional £6.95 of registered postage charges sending the valuable documents attached my application to DVLA a second and wholly unnecessary time. You can see the two replies from DVLA here.

How have other members' DVLA applications gone for a tax class change and NIL value tax disc for a car eligible for the exemption from 1st April 2014?
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