Vehicle tax renewal

You can also renew your VED or SORN with the DVLA by telephone on 0300 123 4321or by text at 0300 790 6201 but the call rates need to be checked as they can be eye-watering. More

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Tax renewal or SORN online is a very convenient way of managing this routine chore. You simply go to the GOV.UK website at and type in the 16 digit reference number on your V11 reminder which starts the 4 stage process: confirming you are the registered keeper with the code, confirming the vehicle details, setting the renewal period and finally a confirmation that it is done. With a tax exempt car it is very easy process.

What evidence of a current vehicle tax or SORN do you have now that a paper tax disc is no longer issued? Well you can print off the stage 4 confirmation webpage (see a copy alongside) and then keep a copy in the glovebox of the car so that should you be driving in France you can produce it for the traffic police as evidence you car is "taxed" in the UK.