Identity plates on an MGBGTV8 explained

The principal vehicle identity plate on an MGBGTV8 is the Car No or VIN plate fixed to the offside inner wing adjacent to the remote oil filter. There is also a Commission No plate on the nearside of the slam panel in front of the radiator

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Posted: 200531

Car No/VIN plate fixed to offside inner wing

Car No plate or VIN

The Car Number plate is located on the small plate attached to offside inner wing very close to the bracket for the remote oil filter (see above) from which you can read off the Car Number now referred to as the Vehicle Identity Number or VIN. That number is in the format GD2D1-NNNN G where "NNNN" is a three or four digit number. Alternatively the three or four figure number is usually set out on the Vehicle Registration Document (VRD) or the new Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) in the EU format issued by DVLC Cardiff or on the original Log Book for the car if you still have that in your possession.

What does the Car Number mean?

The Car Number comprises a series of letters and numbers which form a code identifying the make, engine type, body type and the series plus of course the serial number of the particular car. So for an MGBGTV8 with the Car Number GD2D1-1089 G, the explanation of the Car Number would be:
G = MG, D = 3,000cc and over, 2 = two door, D = GT body, 1 = 1st series or 2 = second series, and finally 1089 is the serial number of the car. More

The source for this explanation is the Parts Catalogue MGB, Tourer, GT and V8 up to September 1976 AKM0039 February 1977 1st Edition supplied by BL, page 108 - A10. The table of data on that page is incorrectly headed "not V8" but that is a printer's mistake.

Commission No plate fixed to nearside of slam panel

Commission Number plate

The Commission number is stamped on a plate secured to the bonnet locking platform or "slam panel" in front of the radiator. Near the end of the MGBGTV8 production run - from around GD2D1 2710 G - the Commission Number was dispensed with and the Body number started with "040". On the lefthand side of the plate there is the Commission No prefix G.75D. followed by the number stamped alongside. On the righthand side of the plate is a red "Z". See examples of Commission No plates

Pre-production MGBGTV8s had another style of Commission No plate
Peter Beadle notes "the very early Commission No plates on the pre production MGBGTV8s did not have the red prefix G.75D. but instead the whole Commission Number, including the prefix and the final "Z", were punched on a standard blank plate. These plates were used across the BMC/BL range after 1968, mainly on Minis. The characters punched on the plate cannot be described as neat - they are all over the place with varying depth and position.

Where can you get blank Commission No plates?
Both Moss Europe and Leacy supply replacement blank Commission plates. Part numbers are CRCP301 from Moss & LMG1018 from Leacy. Peter Beadle mentions "CRCP prefix was a part number range which was invented by us at Classic British Sportscar Spares group (CBSS before it became Moss Europe). The prefix stood for Classic Reproductions Commission Plate.
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