Overhauling a fuse box on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone acquired his MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 1810) from Dr Chris Ward who had the car restored by a specialist in Northumberland. Here Jim provides a detailed note on his overhaul of the fuse box.

See V8NOTE592

Posted: 200526

Completed fuse box installed on the offside inner wing

Jim Livingstone had found the fusebox on his MGBGTV8 has had intermittent problems with the glass fuses since he acquired the car a few years ago. He decided to give originality and glass fuses a last chance with the purchase of a new box from a reputable supplier. On receipt he found the tension in the fuse holders to be all over the place and the procedure he sets out here describes how heI corrected this. The overhauled fuse box is above. Jim says

Fuse holder and terminals

he hasn't had time to test the longevity of the 'fix'.

Jim ends his article saying "the Lucas 7FU fusebox and its glass fuses are an obsolete design which has been superseded by more modern and reliable blade fuses. However, if originality is important, it is possible with modification and maintenance to maximise reliability within the limits imposed by the design".
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