Replacement alternators for an MGBGTV8
What are your options if your alternator on an MGBGTV8 is faulty or needs replacing? This is a question that is increasingly raised by fellow members. Peter Beadle, former parts manager with University Motors in Epsom at the time the model was launched and then in production and later with Moss, recalls "it was shorter in the body than the ACR alternator which was then the standard unit used for the BL range of cars and also originally MG had hoped to sell the V8 in the USA where AC DELCO was a US product. The AC Delco was fitted to TR6s supplied to the US market but not fitted to home market TR6s".

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Fitting alternative replacement alternators
A frequent question is "if I fit a replacement alternator, possibly larger both in size and in terms of its generating output, will I need to source different brackets?" Peter Beadle says "there are two brackets - the lower bracket (item 17 and part number 602369 above) is used to stop the alternator hitting the front of the offside rocker cover and adjusting bracket (item 18 and part number BHH997 above) is used to adjust the tension on the alternator drive belt. Most larger replacement alternators will fit under the bonnet of an MGBGTV8 as clearance is not an issue". Peter adds "the part number 602369 is the original part number".

Specialist repairs of AC DELCO alternators
Often a fault with an alternator can be repaired by a specialist. See our note on three specialists who can service an AC DELCO.

Uprated 75amp alternator for an MGBGTV8
Colin Goodey decided to go for an uprated 75 amp alternator which delivers about 10% more power at tickover which in real terms meant that the cooling fans on my car were spinning at over 200 rpm higher than with the standard AC Delco (45 amp) fans. In real terms, on the road, I have noticed that the fans now cool the engine sufficiently well enough so as cycle rather than being permanently on. The unit Colin chose is brand new and looks very similar to the old Lucas 18ACR unit and to my mind is totally in keeping with the MGBGTV8s engine bay. It is also a perfect fit without any need for any alteration to the fixings and has the standard 3 pin euro plug as the AC Delco unit, so is totally plug and play.
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