Where can you get AC DELCO alternator spares or one serviced?

Wood Auto Supplies Limited
Cromwell Works
Colne Road
Huddersfield HD1 3ES
01484 428 261

Photo: Andrew provides a photo of the alternator as returned from Auto Wood - he adds "unfortunately I cannot find the 'before' photos, but I can assure you it didn't previously look like this".

Wood Auto - alternator servicing
Andrew Collins says "according to my records, the last time I did any work on the V8 alternator was in 1988 when I fitted a new regulator and new brushes. Although it continues to work fine, I thought at least a little preventive maintenance would not be out of place. It is not getting any easier to find parts for these Delco alternators, but a quick internet search took me to Wood Auto of Huddersfield, whose website at www.woodauto.com lists all the key components for the Delco 7982707 (rotor, stator, regulator, rectifier, brushes, brush holder, front bearing and rear bearing), and all at prices which appeared pretty reasonable.

After a phone conversation with them I decided to send the alternator to them for service. They did this promptly and when I received the unit back from them it was very clean and tidy, worn parts replaced and thoroughly tested. "I sent the alternator to Wood Auto in a carton which Hermes delivered it to Huddersfield for £5.77 and Wood Autos sent it back to me for free".

Searching the Wood Auto website we found the MGBGTV8 is not listed on the "vehicle look up" webpage, only the MGB and RV8, then putting Delco 7982707 in the search box at the top RHS of the core webpages produces a result "No items found. Please try again" and repeating both key word search options for "AC DELCO" and "DELCO" each results in "No items found. Please try again". Andrew says "I put 7982707 in the search box, and when the search results page opened I clicked on the link '7982707' in red".
Burghfield Starter Motor & Alternator Centre
Unit 2 - The Forge
Reading Road
Burghfield Common
Berkshire RG7 3BL
0118 983 2284

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Burghfield Starter Motor & Alternator Centre
A small friendly family business and have been trading for over 30 years repair located southwest of Reading who recondition and sell starter motors and alternators for most cars, light commercials, plant and marine applications built in the last 50 or so years. See their website for more information on their services.

See V8NOTE289 on an unusual AC DELCO fault.
Rotating Electrics Ltd
Unit 11
Ashtenne Industrial Estate
Flaxley Road
B33 9AL
0121 783 1444

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Rotating Electrics Ltd
Keith Belcher reports "I recently had an alternator problem with my MGBGTV8, which is complicated and I won't go into it here, but the solver of the problem is worth reporting. Many garages in the West Midlands use a small company: Rotating Electrics in Stechford for their repairs. Prices are very reasonable and it enables them to make substantial mark up. The work up is up to concours level if you ask for it. Mark the proprietor is extremely knowledgeable and can fix you up with pretty much anything you desire, including upgrading etc. All the work is done in house. For me he located an original Delco reconditioned unit at a very good price". See their website for more information.
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