Where to get touch up paint
Picking up on the advice in a previous workshop note by Angus Munro - RV8NOTE300 - for supplies of paint for the odd touch up job, Barry Kelly says "I have previously bought Oxford Blue (BLVC1203) from Halfords and been happy with the blend match to the existing paintwork. Having recently obtained some more cans at the end of May earlier this year which I had used up, I went to Halfords again to get a couple of cans of Oxford Blue. On visiting them on 6th July I was told that all Halfords stores have stopped doing paint mixing in branch". Here Barry relates how he
solved this problem. (Aug 17)

Well, every cloud has a silver lining and I was pointed in the direction of Bitec in Halesfield 2,

Telford. That was handy as I live in Shropshire, although it's a big place! The service at Bitec was excellent and knowledgeable with the paint code immediately recognized on their system (unlike Halfords initially) and the cans are 400ml rather than 300ml at Halfords. As it is only a base coat, I got an additional two cans of the Pro HB 2k clear lacquer to go with three cans of Oxford Blue costing in total just over £60.

If you don't fancy a trip to Shropshire (and you'll be missing out!), the Bitec website can be found at https://www.bitec.co.uk where you can see that they also supply all manner of items and equipment for painting and detailing motor vehicles. Given that MG models are no longer "live", if you can't get there in person your best bet is to ring them up with your code. They'll know it is a Rover colour (in my case

1993 to 95) and the match is perfect. The various RV8 paint codes can be found at RV8NOTE300.htm

See also news of a range of spray and touch up paints from Moss. Moss
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