Range of spray and touch up paints available through Moss

Members often enquire where touch up paints can be obtained for their MGV8s and today a marketing email from Moss Europe has some useful information on a paint supplier Classic Car Colours. More

Any feedback from fellow members who use this paint will be very welcome as an update to this NEWS item.

Posted: 170801
Moss Europe have sent out details of a range of spray and touch-up paints produced by Classic Car Colours for classic cars including MGBs and MGBGTV8s. If there is sufficient demand to ‘reinstate’ a colour, CCC say "we will do our utmost to include it in our range". They add "the colours are carefully blended to be an exact match to the original paint as used by the factory, but it is worth observing that your car may well have faded from its original colour. For this reason before you start, we recommend that you do a test spray of any aerosol on a piece of old metal or a carefully selected area of the car where a mismatch will not be noticed". Moss webpage
Moss say "we can supply paint in either aerosol or brush-on format. The aerosols come in 300ml cans and brush-on paints are available in 125ml cans with a brush in the cap. Engine & chassis paints are supplied in 500ml tins".
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