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Thursday 17th April 2014
ZTT260V8 in Starlight Silver sold
MGBGTV8 Damask 0236 for sale

Tuesday 15th April 2014
NEWS: care with scam scum emails

Monday 14th April 2014
V8NOTES & RV8NOTES CDs not available for a month
MGBGTV8 Flamenco Red 2395 for sale
MGB V8 Roadster sold in 22 days

Friday 11th April 2014
ZTT260V8 in XPower Grey for sale
NEWS: MGBGTV8 on the Test Hill at Brooklands

ZTT260V8 in XPower Grey for sale
MG SV-R in Red Hot Kinetic for sale

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Sadly Humphrey Lyttleton died on Friday 25 April 2008 following an operation. He was a much loved radio presenter and jazz musician and much more. His career covered trumpeter, clarinettist, bandleader, broadcaster, writer, journalist and calligrapher, cartoonist (Daily Mail 1949-53) and chairman of the Radio 4 antidote to panel games, "I'm Sorry I Haven't Clue" from 1972-2008. Our series of webpages on the V8 Website captures much of the fun that was the man, not least his Samantha jokes. More
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Wednesday 9th March 2014
MGBGTV8 for sale: much modified Black 2564
ZTT260V8 in Starlight Silver for sale - reduced

Monday 7th April 2014
NEWS: VED exemption update
NEWS: updated guide to road tax exempt applications and flowchart

Saturday 5th April 2014
NEWS: more successful tax free applications
V8 spares for sale: RV8 carpet set, steering wheel & aircon cover

Friday 4th April 2014
V8 Spares for Sale: original RV8 space saver wheel & tyre

Thursday 3rd April 2014
NEWS: more successful tax free disc applications
NEWS: useful updates in latest Club Office bulletin

Wednesday 2nd April 2014
NEWS: no success with a tax free disc applicaton at the Post Office
NEWS: another tax class change processed at a Post Office

Tuesday 1st April 2014
NEWS: successful tax class change and NIL value disc issued for a V8

Sunday 30th March 2014
NEWS: photos from Techno Classica Esseen 2014

Saturday 29th March 2014
RV8 in BRG bought by Ian Lindley, Caledonian Centre
MG SV-R in Red Hot Kinetic for sale update

Friday 28th March 2014
NEWS: DVLA accepts a tax class change application at last

Thursday 27th March 2014
NEWS: RV8 at auction with an unusual expansion tank

Wednesday 26th March 2014
NEWS: Track Day at Brands Hatch GP circuit on 14th August
NEWS: VED exemption resolution recorded in Hansard

Tuesday 25th March 2014
And another V8 Idle Moment
And another V8 Idle Moment
Another V8 Idle Moment
V8 spares: an offside RV8 wing for sale

Monday 24th March 2014
MGB V8 Roadster for sale
NEWS: MG90 exhibition opens in Abingdon
NEWS: V8 spares for sale - V8 engine sold
NEWS: Battle of Britain Memorial Flight lecture

Saturday 22nd March 2014
NEWS: what was happening to MG production at the end of 1973?

Thursday 20th March 2014
NEWS: Godfrey Dennis features on RV8 video

Thursday 20th March 2014
NEWS: Godfrey Dennis features on RV8 video

Wednesday 19th March 2014
V8 Northumberland Tour 2014 bookings update
MGB V8 Roadster sold rapidly
Budget 2014 NEWS: VED exemption is to be rolling

Monday 17th March 2014
NEWS: preview of the Budget Statement on Wednesday

Sunday 16th March 2014
NEWS: advert for the Goodwood Revival 2014

Friday 14th March 2014
Another V8 Idle Moment

Thursday 13th April 2014
NEWS: pay road tax by direct debit from October 2014

Wednesday 12th April 2014
NEWS: RV8 Woodcote Green 1987 sold
NEWS: buying an MG - don't negotiate to buy any remaining road tax
NEWS: costly penalty if your MGV8 overdue for its MOT

Tuesday 11th March 2014
NEWS: MGBGTV8 Black 1228 sold within a week

Sunday 9th March 2014
V8 Northumberland Tour 2014, bookings update

Saturday 8th March 2014
Spares on offer - V8 wheels collected

Thursday 6th March 2014
NEWS: memorial service for John Targett
NEWS: an essential safety check for an MGZT260V8
NEWS: photo report on MG-Triumph Show at Stoneleigh
NEWS: photo report on V8 Curry at Knowle

Wednesday 5th March 2014
NEWS: avoid the tax exempt application "bounce back"

Tuesday 4th March 2014
Spares wanted - RV8 sunvisors & crossmember

Monday 3rd March 2014
Swiss-MGV8/IG weekend at les Diablerets 26th/28th September
Spares wanted - RV8 hardtop

Friday 28th February 2014
V8 Northumberland Tour 2014, booking update

Thursday 27th February 2014
MGBGTV8 Black 1228 for sale
RV8 BRG 2173 for sale

Tuesday 25th February 2014
V8 spares - 3 rusty Dunlop V8 wheels free to a Club member
MGBGTV8 Aconite 1077 for sale
Bookings for the V8 Northumberland Tour 2014 flow in

Monday 24th February 2014
NEWS: replacement all-alloy Dunlop lookalike V8 wheels
V8 Northumberland Tour 2014, briefing & booking details
Video clip of 1973 Motor Show with the "new" MGBGTV8

Saturday 22nd February 2014
NEWS: Stuart Mumby has an RV8

Thursday 20th February 2014
And another V8 Idle Moment
MGBGTV8 Black 2744 for sale
Another V8 Idle Moment

Saturday 15th February 2014
MGBGTV8 sold in 30 days to a buyer in Wilmington Ohio
NEWS: VED exemption update

Friday 14th February 2014
NEWS: Cobham natter's weekend tour to Montreuil

Wednesday 12th February 2014
Spares news: RV8 indicator relay GFU2208 available again
Club race meeting at Silverstone changed to Saturday 29th March
NEWS: Classics on the Common on 30th July

Tuesday 11th February 2014
NEWS: FBHVC update on ethanol in petrol in the UK
NEWS: FBHVC report on EU Roadworthiness Testing
Updated MGBGTV8 & RV8 price guide

Saturday 8th February 2014
Obituary: John Targett

Friday 7th February 2014
Another V8 Idle Moment

Wednesday 5th February 2014
NEWS: sadly John Targett has passed away

Tuesday 4th February 2014
NEWS: Drive It Day on Sunday 27th April 2014
NEWS: CRB Bulletin for February 2014 from Club Office
V8 Idle Moment - corrected links on C-17 item
Lubrication information for the MGBGTV8 and RV8

Sunday 2nd February 2014
Another V8 Idle Moment
NEWS: Bookings for V8 Curry on Saturday 15th February 2014

Saturday 1st February 2014
NEWS: exceptional low mileage MG SV-R in Red Hot Kinetic for sale

Friday 31st January 2014
NEWS: sequel to the V8 Idle Moment
NEWS: Brighton Speed Trials saved

Thursday 30th January 2014
Another V8 Idle Moment
NEWS: Bookings for V8 Curry on Saturday 15th February 2014
NEWS: Bookings for V8 Curry on Saturday 1st March 2014

Wednesday 29th January 2014
MGBGTV8 Glacier White 2809 for sale

Tuesday 28th January 2014
NEWS: Times report on Top Gear
NEWS: Goodwood Breakfast Club meeting on 4th May

Monday 27th January 2014
NEWS:V8 Curry bookings & early booking note

Wednesday 22nd January 2014
RV8NOTE385: replacing the anti-roll bar droplink eye bush

Tuesday 21st January 2014
MGBGTV8 Damask 0325 sold
NEWS: Bookings for V8 Curry on Saturday 15th February 2014
NEWS: Bookings for V8 Curry on Saturday 1st March 2014

Friday 17th January 2014
V8 Idle Moment
NEWS: EU Roadworthiness testing requirements update

Tuesday 14th January 2014
Note on an engine bay restoration detail

Monday 13th January 2014
"O" Series V8 Roadster sold
NEWS: Second V8 Curry on Saturday 1st March 2014

Sunday 12th January 2014
NEWS: updated website launched today

Saturday 11th January 2014
NEWS: V8 Curry on Saturday 15th February 2014

Friday 10th January 2014
Set of Compomotive 15" x 6" 195 55 wheels for sale

Thursday 9th January 2014
NEWS: Ypres tour in Belgium on 3rd-5th May 2014

Monday 6th January 2014
V8 spares for sale: V8 engine reduced

Saturday 4th January 2014
Wanted: V8 Roadster by enthusiast in Bristol

Friday 3rd January 2013
Website changes to 31st December 2013 archived

Tuesday 31st December 2013
NEWS: survey report and V8 Register & V8BB reviews

Friday 20th December 2013
NEWS: comment on the askMID roadside check

Thursday 19th December 2013
NEWS: MyLicence initiative for insurance checks
MGBGTV8 found for a refurb project

Wednesday 18th December 2013
NEWS: askMID roadside insurance check
NEWS: V8 wheel refurbs now £345 plus VAT

Monday 16th December 2013
RV8 sold in 7 weeks on V8 website

Tuesday 10th December 2013
NEWS: draft Finance Bill 2014

Monday 9th December 2013
NEWS: download a V8 2014 Calendar
NEWS: how often do members visit the V8BB?
NEWS: set of V8 exhaust manifolds found

Sunday 8th December 2013
NEWS: how has the V8BB done over the last year?
NEWS: weekend MG tour to Montreuil in April

Friday 6th December 2013
Another V8 Idle Moment
NEWS: draft Finance Bill out next Tuesday

Thursday 5th December 2013
NEWS; report on the Autumn Statement
NEWS: tax discs likely to be scrapped
NEWS: preview of the Autumn Budget statement

Tuesday 3rd December 2013
NEWS: Continuous Insurance caution
NEWS: preview of the Autumn Budget statement

Friday 29th November 2013
RV8 Woodcote Green 1028 for sale
RV8 Woodcote Green 2119 for sale, reduced

Thursday 28th November 2013
End of year V8 review and survey
NEWS: V8 out of Africa

Monday 25th November 2013
Wanted: MGBGTV8 for a restoration project

Sunday 24th November 2013
Wanted: condition 1 MGBGTV8
Wanted: pair of V8 cast iron exhaust manifolds

Tuesday 19th November 2013
NEWS: Big Ethanol finally loses

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