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MGBGTV8 prices
Condition, particularly bodywork, is the major factor determining prices because the poor rust proofing back in the 1970s means most cars today will have had some refurbishment or more serious restoration. There are slightly higher prices for chrome bumpered models. Prices range from £19,520 to £6,730 and more for an exceptional or concours car. More
MG RV8 prices
Prices depend very much on condition and there also tends to be a premium for colours other than Woodcote Green, particularly Nightfire Red and Oxford Blue, and a premium for the relatively few UK spec cars. There are signs those premia are reducing. Prices range from £19,800 to £10,620 and more for an exceptional or concours car. More

These are indicative prices for the six months to May 2018 based on an analysis of our PriceWatch reports of MGV8s seen for sale in adverts in various publications, through online sites and at auctions. Dealer prices are usually slightly higher than private sale pricing from the professional preparation, aftersales service and any warranties dealers provide. See a note on the limitations of the data and analysis. Caveat
MGV8 market review and price guide update
See our market review and price guide update, including charts for each model, which compare our guide prices for 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 May & November 2017 and May 2018.
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Further news on MGV8 prices
See also our regularly updated PriceWatch reports with further news on MGV8s advertised for sale or seen at auction, in auction results and price trends.
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What are the condition categories?
Condition 1 is generally excellent, Condition 2 is sound but needs cosmetic attention and Condition 3 is running but in need of restoration. We also monitor "Exceptional" cars too. See our more detailed explanation of the condition categories. More

How many cars were produced in each colour?
See our analyses for the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 colours.

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