New dash cam from Nextbase

In a recent case reported in the press, a road rage driver in a 4X4 crossed in front of a car unrelated to the road rage dispute and it resulted in a serious crash in which two passengers were seriously injured. The driver of the car hit by the road rage 4X4 had a dash cam running and was able to present the recording of the accident as evidence that resulted in the jailing of the road rage driver. Without that evidence it could easily have been far more difficult to prove the 4X4 driver's behaviour caused the accident.

That was a serious case but there are many other situations where having a recording of what happens in front of your car can be useful. For a classic car driver there is also the secondary pleasure of recording some of the scenic routes when you are touring.

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Nextbase 212 Lite Dash Cam
A new, smaller dash cam has been launched by Nextbase which looks as if it will have most of the features a driver will need in a compact dash cam. That will enable the 212 to be fixed to the windscreen and hidden from the driver's view through the windscreen in front of the rear view mirror. You can see details of this new model online. More

In the latest issue of the Which? magazine there is a brief news item (see alongside) that they will be running a consumer test on the 212 soon.