Dash cam & satnav combined

Gamin Drive Assist 50 LMT-D

It's a screen mounted device with a suction pad.

Garmin DriveAssist 50 LMT-D 5" Satnav with UK & Ireland Maps and Built-in Dash Cam is on special offer at Halfords.
Currently £199 reduced from £249.99 saving £50.99. Halfords

Additional hands-free mobile phone connection with Bluetooth
The Garmin DriveAssist 50 LMT-D has the additional benefit of a Bluetooth connection which enables you to link up your mobile phone for hands-free calls. A useful convenience in an MGV8.

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Garmin Drive Assist 50 LMT-D - dash cam & satnav
Having seen the dash cams article in the November V8 Column in Safety Fast!, Brendan Leach sent in some details of his experience with a Garmin device which has both dash cam and satnav functions.

Brendan says "I also decided some months ago that a dash cam would be a good investment and so I researched all the options. My conclusions were similar to those in your article, but since I also use a standalone satnav (a device that is not integrated into the car as OE), I reflected on the challenges of blocking off another 12 square inches of the windscreen with an additional windscreen mounted device. In addition there would be the need for two power feeds and cables. This is likely to be a challenge for anyone in a car built before 2000 I suggest, but I have an MGA. The solution I found is that Garmin make a combined Sat Nav and Dash Cam, called the Drive Assist 50 LMT-D. After investigation I purchased one and three months and 4,000 miles later I can report that it is a truly excellent device".

You can see details of this device on the Gamin and Halfords websites.
Garmin manuals.
Brendan says "the Garmin Drive Assist 50 LMT-D is:
> No bigger than a standard Sat Nav at 140mm x 85mm x 15mm.
> The dashcam footage is excellent, even at night.
> It includes free lifetime map updates (UK or Europe, dependent on model, that's the D on the model designation)
> It includes lifetime traffic updates (with no subscription or phone costs to pay)
> It has "Lane Assist" to tell you which lane to be in at major junctions, plus photos of the junction and signs.
> It includes speed limit notification (including in temporary motorway work areas).
> It has Driver Alerts including warning of lane departure, nearby schools, animals crossing the road, one-way streets, or when you are too close to the car in front.
> It can be linked to your phone by Bluetooth.
> It can be operated by Voice Commands".
Blocking off another 12 square inches of the windscreen
The Nextbase 212 dash cam is very small and is located in front of the nearside half of the rear view mirror so in an MGBGTV8, and in more modern cars, it cannot be seen by the driver in the driving position. It is of course outside the primary windscreen wiper zone too as is necessary.

Mounting a satnav device on a fixing attached to the air vents
A stand alone Garmin satnav can be mounted on a fixing attached to the fresh air vents in the MGBGTV8 and the same fixing is attached can be used on the air vents of more modern cars. As the vent is below the windscreen in the dashboard area it does not get anywhere near blocking the windscreen. Some users prefer that lower satnav position as it does not distract the eye when looking through the windscreen. Clearly with a combined dash cam/satnav it will have to be located with a clear view of the road ahead. Halfords

Two power feeds and cables
The dash cam wiring on a more modern car can be concealed using the Halfords' fitting service. With the MGBGTV8 it's probably easier to have the cable dropping from the screen mounted device to the cigar lighter in the central dash by the gear lever.