Growing use of dashcams

One of the most popular dashcams is the Nextbase 402G Professional available from Halfords and currently on offer online at £119 but note you will need to buy an SD card on top of that. A 32GB HD card will be anywhere between £20 and £30 depending on your source. A key convenience with the Nextbase is that with its "Click&Go" feature it can be installed easily and then it switches on automatically every time you turn the ignition on. In an MGBGTV8 it is on permanently if you plug it into your cigar lighter socket as that is live so you have to remember to pull the plug out!
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Posted: 151207

A feature in the Sunday Times in their Driving section mentioned two related developments with the use of dashcams in cars: first "the popularity of dashcams has soared to the point where the RAC estimates that 9% of motorists now use one in their vehicle - that amounts to 2.9m camera-equipped cars on the road" and second the growth of "dashcam vigilantes" reporting everything from minor misdemeanors to reckless driving. In November 2015 a landmark case based on dashcam evidence of reckless driving resulted in a driver being jailed.

Dashcams have become popular with many motorists so they can have evidence if they are involved in an incident - for example a cyclist jumps the lights or a car pulls out from a side road into their path. With the extraordinary growth over the last couple of years of manipulated accident claims encouraged by cold calling claims companies, using a dashcam has become a defensive measure.

Reporting dangerous drivers has increased. A company set up to help people report dangerous drivers to the police is PoliceWitness. It was formed by Matt Stockdale after he he was almost killed by a reckless HGV driver. The company is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to helping fellow road users to hold bad drivers to account. According the Police Witness almost 1,000 drivers have been charged on the basis of dashcam footage over the past two years. Classic car drivers will need to keep a good lookout for dashcams when occasionally driving with verve as over keen reporters could easily send in footage of your car.

The Sunday Times says it has "Britain's most comprehensive buying guide for dashcams and has reviewed more than 25 models. Prices range from £50 to £200 ". Their product reviews, including their buying recommendations and sample footage can be found on a website: